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A safe place to express not explain your unique experiences as a deeply feeling woman...

You know those times where you make the brave decision to ask for help…

You are faced with misunderstanding and a look that you interpret as ‘there is something wrong with you’.

All you were looking for was to feel heard, seen, understood and your experience validated.

That is where I come in…

Like an adorable emotional support puppy…🐶

Heart and arms open, ready to truly listen, absorb and most importantly understand and validate your unique experience.

Hi, I’m Nicole Ivens!  An Holistic Counsellor, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) & Empath myself, it is my passion to support the emotional wellbeing of sensitive and deeply empathic women.

I have been described as my clients ‘Healing BFF’, a place where they feel safe to put down their burdens.

My energy and essence provides a beautiful calm and safe healing container like no other.

I bring forth my own powerful personal energy to support you alongside the powerful energy of the angelic realm.

Nicole Ivens | Holistic Counsellor
Bridging Traditional & Alternative Therapy
Traditional Therapy Qualifications:
Alternative Therapy Qualifications:
"After my first session, I felt so present with my kids"

Nicole is fantastic at what she does.

If you are burnt out and want to work with someone who can create a safe space for you to heal, feel lighter, and find peace.

Then you must work with her.

Not only does she have the right qualifications, but she also has the life experience, passion and dedication to match.

Jess – Private Client

Benefits of online holistic counselling

An interview with Nicole!

Get to know me in under 60 seconds...
What are your astrological signs?

Sun sign: Taurus

Moon sign: Sagittarius

Rising sign: Virgo.

What is your Human Design?

Energy Type: Manifesting Generator

Profile: 6/2

Authority: Sacral

Strategy: Responding

How do others describe you?

Words that have been used to describe me are quiet, introverted, empathic, nurturing and highly sensitive.

What is your favourite landscape?

Always the ocean, closely followed by the mountains (where we currently live)

What book has had an effect on you?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle had a deep effect on me with great life lessons such as easy buttons vs reset buttons.

Do you have a go-to meditation?

Oooh that is like asking about a favourite child, but yes there is one I return to and that is ‘Kirtan Kriya’.

What is your favourite quote?

“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.” – Dr Joe Dispenza (one of my favourite meditation teachers)

What would I see if I visited you at home?

Angels of course… everywhere you look, you will see an angel statue and oracle cards.

What is your go-to drink?

Alcohol has never been my thing, don’t like the taste… but I do enjoy coffee (1 a day) and coke zero.

What is something you love to do?

Writing is something I love!  I journal every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

Meet my why:

Husband of 23 years Alex and Daughters Gabby and Grace…

They are my why, my inspiration and sometimes my guinea pigs 🐹 on new ideas to support my clients with…

Nicole Ivens at the beginning of her journey as a Holistic Counsellor
2017 ~ Celebrating Graduation of Counselling Diploma (AIPC) with Alex, Gabby and Grace

Alex is our I.T Guru and loves WWE and Star Wars

Gabby (22) is our quiet and introverted book worm and also loves WWE, Star Wars and true crime

Grace (19) is our sensitive and empathic creative wiz, the libra energy in her sees her with a deep love for food and beauty.

A unique approach for a unique soul

I do things a little differently around here, bridging traditional and alternative therapies...

Your nervous system sets the pace!

The most important aspect of any healing journey is safety! 

Your nervous system needs to feel safe before it will allow you to start your healing process.

Your experience will be validated!

Feeling understood and validated, opens the door for you to understand more about yourself.

Your life then becomes easier, as you move into a state of flow.

Connection is your path to freedom!

Your energy is designed to flow freely through your mind, body and soul.

Unprocessed emotions cause energy blockages that take you out of the natural flow of life.

Your tour through the window into my world has come to an end....

I invite you to go deeper with options 1, 2 and 3…