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Introducing our Founder: Nicole Ivens

Nicole is an Intuitive Counsellor & Energy Practitioner and has studied, embodied and certified in many different healing modalities.

The best words to describe Nicole are quiet, introverted, empathic, nurturing and highly sensitive.

Nicole is deeply passionate about Spiritual, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing.

Get to Know Nicole:

Nicole is an Empath, Highly Sensitive Soul, Introverted, Quiet and her sun sign is Taurus and Moon sign is Sagittarius.

Nicole is a mum to two young adult daughters, Gabby & Grace. 

Nicole is a Carer for her eldest daughter Gabby who was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 13 and Autism at the age of 19.

She has been married to the love of her life Alex since October 2000, where they eloped to Las Vegas and Nicole was walked down the aisle by an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Nicole has 4 siblings, two older sisters and two younger brothers, making her the middle child.

Nicole’s spiritual awakening started 10 years ago in 2012, when what felt like her life falling apart.  Looking back she now understands why it had to happen, to prepare her for what was to come and eventually lead her to her soul purpose of being a Nurturer and Sacred Holder of Space.

Nicole wrote an article sharing the road that brought her to her soul purpose and training to be a Professional Counsellor.  Read more…

Qualifications & Areas of Interest:

Our Philosophy:

Why Calm Your Mind Wellness?  Nicole intuitively received the name for our company early on in her own healing journey, for her the name embodies so much of her own essence.

Nicole has been told and spoken of as “The Calm Within My Storm”, she has an innate gift to provide a place of safety, holding a sacred space as you shelter and heal from your storm.

In Nicole’s presence you will feel her Calming Essence, it isn’t something she does, but who she is at her very core.  She has such a beautiful soft voice that allows you to feel instantly calm and at ease in her presence.

The branding we had designed for Calm Your Mind Wellness, was intuitively channeled by Nicole in collaboration with her Angels.  She (branding) is such a perfect symbol of Nicole’s energy and what you will feel and experience in her presence. 

The wings and halo represent Nicole’s close connection with the Angelic Realm, her arms represent openness and safety and her legs are in the shape of the ‘infinity symbol’ representing strength, faith and trust.

Our Vision is to provide a safe place for you to feel:


Your voice matters and to feel heard brings you a sense of validation and support.


Your unique essence matters and to feel seen validates that you are worthy.


You deserve to feel understood and your unique essence to be accepted and respected.
Every woman deserves a safe place to start to heal the hidden parts of herself. 

She deserves to feel heard, seen and understood.

We believe that in a conducive sacred healing environment, you are very capable of becoming a self-healer.  Our founder Nicole uses her unique gift as a “sacred holder of space”, being your guide through your unique healing journey.

Why Calm Your Mind Wellness?

The Benefits:


Our approach incorporates mind, body and soul. Each part of you working together like a symphony, singing your unique song.


Providing support that opens the door to your healing journey. By holding space for you to feel heard, seen and understood.

Safe Zone

Feeling safe is the first step on any healing journey. Nicole provides you with a safe place whether virtually or in her clinic.


Nicole is highly qualified and experienced and brings you a wealth of knowledge and support in mind, body and soul.

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