How to advocate for your child?

How to advocate for your child?

In our role as a parent there is never a lack of information been thrown our way, sometimes in ways that we certainly don’t appreciate.

If you are like me this flow of information from when your kids are babies right though to teenagers can be extremely overwhelming.

How do you know what is right for your child?

Advocating for each child is unique as they have different needs, even within the same family each child is unique. 

Have you noticed how different each of your children are? 

I know I have, our two girls are very opposite in their personality traits. 

My husband and I always talk about how amazing it is, that two children from the same parents can be so different.

So in saying that you need to ask yourself the question, “If all of my children are unique in their own special way, and they have traits from their mum and dad, who would be the most qualified to know what they need?

Advocate for your child

You are the most qualified person in knowing what your child needs...

That is your first step in becoming an empowered advocate for your child, accepting and having an awareness of your strength and unique insight into your child and their needs.

There are always going to be people giving you advice on what it is you should be doing for your child.

Your job is to appreciate this advice but never submit someone elses’ advice or judgement for your own.  You know best!

Intuitive Parenting is having a trust within yourself to raise your children according to your values and the uniqueness of each child.

Each of us have a higher power to connect in with to support us within this role, that higher power is different for each person. 

For me I connect in with my Angels and my Higher Self to help me in what I need to do to support my children.

Becoming an intuitive parent does take time and practice, as for so long you may have been relying on other people to know the right thing to do, be that family and friends or professionals.

Let’s look at some ways for you to start to flex your intuitive parent muscle…

5 Steps to becoming an intuitive parent

  1. Trust – starting to trust in yourself and the guidance you are receiving
  2. Messages – How do you receive your signs?  Gut feeling, thought, music, numbers
  3. Tune into your intuition before asking for advice from others
  4. Be an advocate for your child.  People in positions of power are not always right – stand your ground
  5. Each of your children are different and may require different parenting strategies


The differences you will start to notice both in yourself and your children, when you start to raise and advocate for your child as an intuitive parent will be something you have never experienced. 

They will feel heard and really understood and that is a human need for us all, feeling connected.

How you can work with me privately:

“I am a Holistic Counsellor and Accredited & Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner based in Pimpama, Gold Coast, Australia.

My approach is to bridge traditional and alternative therapies, my experience has shown me that being a bridge between the two worlds and combining talk therapy with EFT Tapping is very effective.

You don’t have to wait till all the wheels fall off to ask for help, I have noticed with some of my clients that this is where they have to get to before they will reach out.

My role is to provide a safe space for you to express how you are feeling, knowing I will hear you; I will understand you and I will validate how you are feeling.

I help you to find what is causing you to feel the way you do and using EFT to help heal the underlying cause.”

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