An Elixir to Feeling Down and Out

There are days where you wake up and your energy levels feel non-existent and you are scraping the bottom of the barrel.  You may have thoughts of “I don’t know how I am going to get through today”.

Firstly I want to validate that feeling for you and to tell you, you are not alone.  We all experience that from time to time and a quote has just come to mind:

"It is okay if you fall down sometimes, as long as you get back up again"

This quote is a great reminder that there will be times where you feel like you have fallen down and nothing will change, but the sun will rise again and so will you.

You may think that I am going to give you a whole lot of strategies to help you to get back up again and I do have a lot of strategies 😊 however in this instance I am going to encourage you to stay down until you feel ready to rise.

Asking you to rise before you are ready would be like asking the sun to rise when it is not its time yet, the sun would be looking at us and saying “you want me to do what now”. 😄

It is no different for you!  Of course you can rise before you are ready, I am sure you have been doing that time and time again and to quote Dr Phil “how has that been working for you?”. 🤔

The fact you are here reading this article I am going to gauge a guess that it hasn’t been working so well for you.

We each have a tank just like a cars fuel tank (wow I am sharing a lot of analogies today 😏) and it only has so much energy to support you each and every day.

If you have been using that energy (fuel) day in and day out and not checking the fuel gauge and certainly not re-fueling then we are going to have a problem.

That problem will be emptying the tank and then you will fall down because you will have nothing left to give.  After falling down if you try to get straight back up, I think you can take a guess at what is going to happen next.  Another fall and another fall and another fall until you are reading an article that says “An Elixir to Feeling Down and Out”.🙌


The feeling of down and out I feel is a very good description of an empty tank, the level is literally down and has filtered out through all the things you have done and all the people you have helped.

Now you understand what is contributing to the ‘down and out’ feeling and expression in your mind, body and soul.  Let’s have a look at what the elixir is:


  • Fighting the feeling
  • Pushing through the feeling
  • Rationalising the feeling
  • Analysing the ins and outs of the feeling
  • Excusing the feeling
  • Numbing the feeling
  • Start allowing the feeling to just be
  • Start to acknowledge what you are feeling in mind, body and soul
  • Start to be more mindful of the signals that brought you to this moment
  • Start listening to what your body is telling you, what is the message?
  • Start adding in more self-care strategies that will help to fill up and maintain your tank

The elixir in summary is to stop, listen and look, just like when crossing the road (oops another analogy) spirit thinks they are a little funny today. 🤣 Just like learning how to cross the road as a kid you are now learning how to navigate the roads within you.

Taking the time to acknowledge what you are feeling and experiencing instead of rushing right past it, is going to give you a golden opportunity to start to understand yourself on a deeper level.

So next time you start to feel down and out, remember Stop, Listen and Look. 🙌 

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