Ask Your Angels – Energy of the Week – Episode 11


Energy of the week for 14th – 20th October 2019

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Ask Your Angels Episode 11


Your Guidance Revealed

Ask Your Angels Episode 11

Card 1:


Daily Practice – It takes practice and that is okay, don’t put huge expectations on yourself, give yourself the time to perfect your new hobby, habit or work task.  Archangel Gabriel is showing me a little baby just learning to walk, as she falls down she gets back up time and time again until she perfects the art of walking, this is the same for you, we tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day, yet underestimate what we can achieve in a year.

Allow yourself the time to get used to the newness of this task, don’t expect to know everything and be perfect at it right now, allow yourself to enjoy the journey of learning, not worrying so much about the outcome and being perfect.   I talk more about this in the video below, starting at 1:55.


Card 2:

Birth – This card really follows on from card number 1, all about newness and interesting since we are in the full moon phase, a time of releasing and getting ready for the new.  Now if you are like me and done with the baby rearing years this may freak  you out, but don’t worry it isn’t necessarily about a new baby.  It may be a new idea, or exciting project on the horizon, something that has been building within you for a while.  Your guidance is to know it is birthing within you and what it needs from you right now is patience and space, allowing it to come to fruition in its on time and in its own way.  Funnily enough similar to allowing a baby to grow within you for 9 months.

As hard as it can be do your best to release your expectations of what it should be or should look like and allow the universe to bring it to you in the best way possible for your highest good.  I share more in the video below, starting at 4:30.

Card 3:

Time Management – Well haven’t you been putting yourself on the back-burner, no more, its time to start prioritising yourself, allowing your needs to be served, sitting at the top of your to-do-list.  I know how hard this can be, especially as mums, kids tend to take up a bulk of our time, but I like to look at it as showing my girls what is important, so when they go out into the world, they know that putting themselves first isn’t just okay it is a necessity.

So this week your angels are guiding you to bring yourself back to the top of the list, allowing your needs to be met and knowing it is not just okay but essential to your overall health, in mind, body and spirit.   More guidance on the video below starting at 6:07

Card 4:

Journaling – one of my most favourite things to do and a big part of my healing journey, it is so essential to releasing the heaviness that you are carrying around.  Your angels are guiding you to start journaling, putting pen to paper and just allow the words to flow, there is no right or wrong way, just let what needs to come, come.   It is as simple as just writing what you are thinking, as you do that it takes away its power, as inside your mind thoughts can gain momentum and before you know it, you have come up with this disastrous outcome, that literally has no truth to it.

As the air hits your words, they lose their power and you will start to feel a sense of calm and inner peace and as that happens guidance has space to come through, supporting you in each and every moment.   Listen below to receive more guidance on Journaling, starting at 8:08


You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below

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