Ask Your Angels Episode 12 | Energy of the Week


Energy of the week for 21st – 27th October 2019

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Ask Your Angels Episode 12


Your Guidance Revealed

Ask Your Angels Episode 12

Card 1:


Love – Mother Mary is guiding you to show yourself love this week, its all about self-love, about starting to look at everything through a lens of love.  Your tendency to give yourself a hard time and look at events through a lens of a critic, is only causing you more pain.  Mother Mary wants  you to know as much as you want to do things perfectly, none of us are perfect, we are perfectly imperfect and you did the best you could with what you knew at the time.  As you look at things through the lens of love, your perspective will change and give you a real chance to release this hurt and pain and be able to move forward, knowing you did your very best in that moment.  I talk more about this in the video below, starting at 2:14.


Card 2:

Open Your Heart – This card really follows on from card number 1, continuing on with the theme of self-love asking you to open up your heart to love, allowing more love in.  As you start to operate from your heart space everything starts to look a whole lot more rosy and you will feel more in the flow with life, the colours of the world will seem so much more vibrant.  When you are operating from your logic brain, the place of critical thinking, that is where you can really be giving yourself a hard time, I talk more about this in the video below starting at 4:45 – the harm of using your critical thinking on yourself.

Open up your heart space and allow love from the inside out to fill that space, allowing you to feel such love, such care and such nurture coming from YOU to YOU!

Card 3:

Mercy – the theme of self-love is continuing through the cards this week, and this card is no different, oh boy haven’t you been giving yourself a hard time of late.  My lovely you need to back off, and I say that with love, back off yourself.  As Dr Phil would say how is that working for you, giving yourself such a hard time.  Can you imagine if you saw someone else talking to another the way you speak to yourself,  you would come to their aid and telling that person to back the hell off.  So please STOP, stop giving yourself such a hard time, you deserve so much better, you deserve love and you deserve mercy.

I talk more in the video below starting at 8:06, about the importance of being more kind and caring to yourself.

Card 4:

Inner Child – Again the cards follow on, the theme of self-love is continuing and with this card it is all about caring for your inner child, she hears and feels everything.  All those thoughts and all those words are felt so deeply by her, as I talk about in the video below starting at 10:50 imagine a beautiful little face of your inner child, when she hears harsh words, don’t do that to her and don’t do that to yourself.  Speak kind words to yourself and inturn to your inner child, she needs some kindness and love this week (well always), but especially this week.  Give yourself a break, give yourself love and give yourself forgiveness.


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