Energy of the Week ~ Ask Your Angels Episode 16


Energy of the week for 18th-24th November 2019

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Ask Your Angels Episode 16


Your Guidance Revealed

Ask Your Angels Episode 16

Card 1:

Your guidance starts at 2:16 in the video below.

No Need To Worry – It’s time to hop off the worry wagon, chronic worrying can become a way of life, your brain can become wired to worry even when there isn’t anything to necessarily worry about.  I remember seeing a post on social media that said “I stress about stress before there is anything to stress about”, this is a good example of what is happening for you right now.  Your angels are asking you to step back, they are showing me a guard, you know like the ones at Buckingham Palace, never moving or relaxing even for a moment, they are saying this is you right now.  There is a fear if you relax or let go even for a moment something might happen and you are like “not on my watch”, they want you to know they have your back, you can step down, take your hand of the reigns and breathe.

As you take this time to breathe, you will open up space for guidance to come through to show you new ways to be, that help to reduce your minds state of constant worry even before there is something to worry about.

Card 2:

Your guidance starts at 4:40 in the video below

It’s up to You – This is one card that I know you hate and you know what so do I, but it is a card of empowerment, your angels want you to know you have the power my dear.  Showing me a vision of “The Wizard of Oz”, when the good witch tells Dorothy “You always had the power my dear”.  As you start to believe this and believe in yourself, then you will see how much of your life really is up to you and  you can start to make decisions and take action from a place of empowerment, of choosing what it is you truly want for your life.

How amazing is that feeling, to know life is there for the taking, you can take the reigns and say we are going here today and its going to be a beautiful calm and relaxing experience.

Card 3:

Your guidance starts at 6:25 in the video below

Abundance – The world is your oyster, you just need to decide to be open to the possibilities.  You are receiving this message because you have asked for guidance and your angels want you to know that a bit like Card 2, it is up to you.  The experiences we have in our life all comes down to the level of our energy, are you ready to uplevel your energy and change your results and the reality you are seeing, are you ready to say yes I am open to new possibilities and opportunities?

Your Angels want to remind you that you are extremely powerful,  your energy can bring you all that you desire once you are open to it.  Also want to remind you that Abundance and Prosperity is at your fingertips, but you need to remember its not an action but a feeling.  The thoughts that you think, cause the feelings that you emit and produce the results you are seeing.  So as you change your thoughts aka ready for opportunities, your feelings uplevel aka your energy and BAM check out the great results and new reality you experience.

Card 4:

Your guidance starts at 9:03 in the video below

Compromise – Oh dear well haven’t you been compromising a little too much lately, allowing others to take the lead and have the limelight.  Its time to bring yourself back to the top, to use that voice and stand your ground a little more.  You my lovely deserve that, you deserve to be heard, you deserve time, you deserve love and friendship that is balanced.  Your angels are showing me that you are standing back taking behaviour that you know is not right, you know that feeling in your gut that is telling you “Hmm that doesn’t feel right”, yet you brush it off, feeling like its just you, maybe your too sensitive, maybe they didn’t mean it that way.

You my dear deserve better and you know this on a deep level, your sensitive energy is not something you need to explain away.  Listen to that gut feeling and start little by little to make some ground by setting boundaries and teaching those how you deserve to be treated.


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