Energy of the Week ~ Ask Your Angels Ep 19

Energy of the week for 9th-15th December 2019

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Ask Your Angels Ep19

Your Guidance Revealed

Ask your angels Ep19

Card 1:

Your guidance starts at 1:51 in the video below.

STAY OPTIMISTIC – I am being shown that you have been working really hard on yourself, doing the inner work that I talk about, but it is feeling like nothing has changed, you are still the same person.  Your angels are guiding so much is different even if it isn’t showing on the surface just yet, changes also begin within and then appear externally.  A vision they are showing me is of this little cartoon character plowing along in his little tunnel and then he stops just before he reaches his breakthrough, don’t do this, keep going, the changes you have made will soon show up on the outside.

This is a great time to look back over your journals (if you have been journaling of course), and see who were you this time last year, what were you experiencing, what did life feel like back than?  I love doing this, it really reminds me of how far I have come.  Have a listen to the video where I go into more detail.

Card 2:

Your guidance starts at 3:19 in the video below

SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE – Its time to de-clutter both externally aka your space and internally, both actions will be reflected inside and out.  Have a look around at your space now, is it clear and light or dense and heavy, I can pretty much guarantee it is the latter the fact you chose this card.  So as you start to cleanse your space, you will start to notice your mind feeling light and de-cluttered too.  What you are seeing in your environment is always a sign of what is going on inside for you as well, that is why I love de-cluttering my space, it makes such a huge difference to the heaviness within my mind.

Continuing on from card 1 it is showing the importance of not giving up, but also making space for the new to arrive in your life.

Card 3:

Your guidance starts at 5:12 in the video below

WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS – As our story continues on this week, you are being guided to watch your thoughts, what are you focusing on?  Our thoughts are connected to our feelings which sends out the signal to the universe about what we want in our lives, so what signal are you sending out? There are three words to remove from your vocabulary that are going to help you to shift your focus from what you don’t want in your life to what you do and they are:

If you find yourself slipping back and using these words and essentially focusing on what you don’t want, you are going to use a Vibe Reset:

The vibe reset is: “So what do I want?”.  As you ask this question it is really going to help you to bring your focus back to what you really want in your life, as opposed to worrying about the things you don’t like in your life.

Card 4:

Your guidance starts at 7:27 in the video below

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS – Following along with our story aka energy for the week, we have ensured we keep going, then clearing out some space and checking in with your thoughts and now you have a golden opportunity to explore your options.  We are at the perfect time right now, end of a year and end of a decade, you have a blank slate a head of you, a new decade, what do you want?

Think about what you want to experience in this new decade, what do you want to be able to look back on when you reach the end of the next decade and be able to look back and go WOW that was the best decade YET!  Check out the video below where I go into more detail.


You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below

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