Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep26


Energy of the week for 27th January – 2nd February 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Ask Your Angels Ep26

Your Guidance Revealed

Ask Your Angels Ep26

Card 1: Ace of Earth

Your guidance starts at 3:53 in the video below.

Abundance is your topic for this week’s guidance, your angels are guiding you that abundance is available to you once you understand its concept.  For a lot of people abundance seems to be something you need to do or something you need to attain, when in actual fact it is a feeling a way of being.  Once you can tap into that feeling and embody that way of being, abundance will be available to you, like it is on tap.

I know for me for a really long time I felt like abundance was something I just couldn’t attain, I would see so many other people doing so well, getting all the things they wanted in life, whilst I continued to struggle.  It wasn’t until I trained in Law of Attraction and became a Law of Attraction Trainer, that I found that missing piece, I was the missing piece.  Whilst that can be a hard pill to swallow, it is also extremely empowering to know you have control you can do something about it.  Not by adding more to your to-do-list or having to work harder, it’s about upgrading your energy.

This week your guidance is to do exactly that, have you heard that saying “Be what you want to see in the world”, well its the same for your energy and abundance.  Be what you want to see in your world, and the way to do that is to have and adopt a gratitude practice.  Now I know this can be a struggle, especially if you are on struggle street right now (I totally get that feeling, I lived on that street for so long).  Check out the video below where I share a quick story about gratitude and how no matter your situation you can find something to be grateful for.

I am also going to be offering daily journal prompts over on Instagram to help you to have a practice of gratitude (you can find me…….here)

Card 2: Balance

Your guidance starts at 10:54 in the video below.

When we hear the word balance it is normally about competing requests for your time, your angels are guiding this is actually about balancing what the past has taught you and how it can fit into your present reality.  Archangel Michael shared this with us last week as well and the fact it is coming through again, shows its importance.  Are you leaving the experience of the past behind and only bringing forth the lessons that you have learned and that will support you in your present experience?

The past can affect you in two ways:

  1. Either keeps you stuck or
  2. Supports and empowers you to build a new present and future without the patterns of the past.

Carrying the past with you into the present without discernment feels heavy and is going to keep you stuck in the same patterns and behaviours, where as leaving the experience of the past behind and taking with you only what you need such as the lessons that support you, will see you moving forward and feeling empowered to build a different future.

Your job this week is to be very discerning and understanding where you are carrying too much of your past and do the inner work to release that and only bring forth the lessons, knowledge and wisdom that is going to support your present and future life.


Card 3: Unity

Your guidance starts at 14:31 in the video below.

Unity is the coming together, and in your case it is the coming together of like-minded souls, surrounding yourself with people that are going to nurture and support you.  For many of us we surround ourselves with the people that have always been there aka family and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, just because they are family doesn’t mean you have to continue to surround yourself in their stuck views of you.

The five people you surround yourself with are the sum of who you become, who is that for you?  It doesn’t mean  you need to be walking away from anyone (you can if you feel so called), its more about starting to surround yourself with more people like you, people that get you, people that see you and people that understand you.

Now this is something that is a struggle for all empaths, we feel very misunderstood and certainly not seen so that is why community is so important and vital and the reason I opened our very own free community over on Facebook.  You can join us here.

Your job this week is to find “YOUR PEOPLE” and know they are out there and you don’t have to do this alone, you are not supposed to.  We are a collective and whilst our journeys are unique, we deserve to feel supported and nurtured along the way.

Card 4: Eight of Earth

Your guidance starts at 17:08 in the video below.

Its a time of learning for you, there is a topic you have wanted to learn more about but haven’t done it for some reason.  So what is that for you?  What just came to mind for you?  That is what you are supposed to be undertaking and this is your angels giving you a little nudge…

Our roles here on earth are to learn, that is why our soul decided to come back for this lifetime and at this time.  Each of us are always learning something new, like in the card you can see the angel reading and lots of books piled up next to him whilst the foliage is growing around him as symbolization that there is always more to learn.

Your job this week is to take the steps to research and enrol in what it is you really want to learn more about.

This week is very much a week of learning, learning about your energy, grasping the different concepts that are going to support you on your spiritual journey.  Such as abundance, balance, unity and wisdom. 


You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below

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