Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep27


Energy of the week for 3rd-9th February 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels ep27

Your Guidance Revealed

ask your angels ep27

Card 1: I am Gentle

Your guidance starts at 2:00 in the video below.

It is time to embrace your gentle spirit and your sensitivity, I know for a long time this has been something that has felt impossible due to the way our society perceives “normal”.  It is shifting, more and more sensitive souls and introverts are starting to be okay with who they are and this is allowing and giving permission to more and more of us to step out of our little corners.  I always remember many years ago when I was suffering from panic attacks, my psychologist telling me, if I wanted to make friends as an adult, when I was dropping kids at school, look to the opposite corner to where I was hiding and that is where the other introverts would be hiding. (insert laughing emojii) You know what she was right, they were hiding, just like I was.

Enough is enough, its time for all of us to start to step out, accepting who we are, knowing we are just as powerful as our extrovert counterparts.  What is normal anyway?  The angels are also guiding for you to think about how you see an Angel……..are they loud and boisterous?  Of course not, they are quiet, serene, calm but boy are they powerful beings.  The same for you, just because you are quiet and gentle, doesn’t mean you are not powerful, in actual fact the complete opposite.

If you are anything like me, before you utter a word,  you have gone over and over it in your head……come on don’t leave me hanging….I know I am not alone in this.  So when we do speak, boy is it powerful…….where as for a lot of extroverts they just speak what ever comes into their head without a second thought.

I remember reading about an introverted speaker, as soon as he would step on stage, the room would go silent and he would capture the attention of every person in that room.  Was he loud?  No……did he change who he was, to be like his performing extrovert counterpart speakers?  No…..but this in itself was enough for people to stop and pay attention.

It is time for you to start capturing the attention of others around you, use your powerful energy to share your message, whatever that happens to be.

Card 2: I can speak to Mum

Your guidance starts at 5:04 in the video below.

The angels have guided this card may be triggering for some of  you, for a couple of reasons.  1. Your mum may have passed and be in the spirit world and you may be saying well I can’t speak to her (hold that thought).  2. You may not have the best relationship with your mum right now.

What this guidance is about, is the mum of all mums, the most nurturing mother we all know…….Mother Mary…….she is available to each and every one of us…….all you have to do is call her in……….and she will come closer to you, and you will feel her amazing nurturing and caring energy.  (As I mentioned in the video, I have placed an image of Mother Mary below for you to feel her energy).


Another thing to remember too is when was a time where your first thought after feeling hurt or injured was to run to mum, bring that feeling back up, as it is within you, its always been there and it will help you to feel cared for and nurtured.

Now back to #1 where I asked you to hold that thought, if your mum is in the spirit world and you feel well I can’t speak to her, well that isn’t entirely true is it?  You are here with me still, so I know you know I’m going to stretch your beliefs a little.  Your mum is right there just waiting for you to call her in, just like with Mother Mary and as I was talking with a few clients this past week who had also lost their parents, we talked about how love never dies it just changes.  Its about starting to build a different relationship with her, letting go and releasing anything that is causing you to feel distanced from her and getting to know her on a completely new level, which she is in a way, she is just in a different dimension to you right now.

Just remind yourself “I can talk to mum”, in whatever shape or form that takes.


Card 3: I Learn from my Mistakes

Your guidance starts at 9:28 in the video below.

Isn’t this something we always say to children, “this is how you learn, mistakes are your best teacher”, but when is the last time you have given yourself this leeway, reminded yourself of this and let yourself off the hook.  The angels are guiding that you are being way too hard on yourself, judging yourself for things you have done that you deem as mistakes and they are saying “enough is enough!”

Stop the judgement, give yourself a break and reminder “mistakes are your biggest teacher”.  Instead of judging what you supposedly did wrong, what can you learn from it, what can you take away from it and what can you let go?  Holding onto the disappointment, anger or whatever emotion you are carrying is only going to keep you stuck in this viscous cycle of judgement.  Take the responsibility, take the lesson and leave the rest behind.

Remind yourself “I learn from my mistakes”.

Card 4: I Listen to my Dreams

Your guidance starts at 12:07 in the video below.

Your guidance is all about your WHY, where ever you are in your life right now, the job you are doing, the business you are running, what brought you to this place?  We are always very good at the where, how and what, but not always so good at the why.

Your why is your foundation, it is the core reason behind what you are doing right now, even if it doesn’t really feel like it.  As adults we can very easily get bogged down by tasks, responsibilities and burdens but take all that away and all you will be left with, will be your WHY.

For example my WHY is my girls, when my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy over 5 years ago, my life was sent into a tail spin and I had to shut down my dream and then find a new way to express my why, that brings us to today, doing the work I love, supporting you to find your WHY, whilst still fulfilling my WHY.  My children!

So what is that for you?  What is your true WHY?

The other guidance the angels have for you is that even if the dream you have currently manifested, really isn’t all its cracked up to be, you don’t have to hold on to it.  The universe doesn’t want that for you, your angels don’t want that for you, its okay to let it go and go back to the drawing board.

Make sure you are super specific, ordering exactly what you want, imagine going to a cafe and ordering a milkshake and you get given a strawberry milkshake and you are like, I don’t like strawberry, I want chocolate.  But you didn’t ask for chocolate, you asked for a milkshake and you got a milkshake, even though its not exactly what you truly wanted.

So, your job this week is to listen to your dreams and become super clear on what it is you truly want and how you really want to express your WHY.

This week is very much all about embracing YOU, Your true spirit, Your true feelings and Your true reason for doing what you do.


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