Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep29


Energy of the week for 17th-23rd February 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels ep28

Your Guidance Revealed

Card 1: I can find peace in every breath

Your guidance starts at 2:43 in the video below.

Like Gabby Bernstein says……”Woah Sister” always a reminder to her to pull back and that she is operating from her own strength instead of being aligned with the universe and all there is.  As soon as I touched this card, my breathing became laboured, like I was hyperventilating…..sound familiar?

Your angels are guiding you to pull back, showing me that you have been going at a million miles an hour, without even a moment to breathe.  When you do that it means as you hold your breath, you are contracting your energy and when this happens it stops the flow to you, all the greatness you are striving for is being stifled and unable to flow through to you.

We live in a very masculine world, where the masculine energy for a very long time has taken a larger portion of the pie than feminine energy. Now masculine energy is all about that, being busy, hustling all the time, pushing to get things done……if you don’t do it, who will right?

Whereas the feminine energy is calmer, operating from a place of alignment as opposed to forcing to get things done.  Think square peg, round hole.

Your guidance this week is to invoke more feminine energy into your week, take a step back, take time to breath and find the peace within that.  I know for so long  you have felt that to make things happen you have always got to have your finger on the pulse, but you know what, the magic actually lies in the in-between.

Drop those shoulders down, unclench your jaw and breathe!!!!!

Card 2: True Abundance is an Inside Job

Your guidance starts at 5:58 in the video below.

Abundance is not something you can pick up and hold physically, just like when we talk about the law of attraction, its not something you can see or hold physically but we know it is working within each of us in each and every moment.

Abundance is a feeling! 

Your angels are guiding for you to think right now, if you had all the abundance you could possibly want for right now, how would you feel?  Now grab hold of that feeling, embrace it, embody it and that, that right there is what is going to bring abundance into your life.

Your path to this place is gratitude, and yes we did talk about this a couple of episodes ago and if you are drawn to this card, then its time to do it again (you should always be doing it, by the way).  Think about each day what you feel grateful for and as you do this and embrace and invoke a feeling of such appreciation and gratefulness, abundance will be plentiful in your life.

I’ll share daily prompts on instagram for you as a reminder.

Card 3: I am not the Victim; I am the Lighthouse

Your guidance starts at 9:07 in the video below.

The experiences you have endured make it very easy to feel like a victim and even playing the victim without realising it sometimes, each and every one of you will have gone through something that was hard, challenging and just not fair.  This in itself makes it completely understandable and very normal to be in that place, but you don’t want to stay there.

Your angels are guiding you this week its time to move, to move out of that place, to stop watching that same film reel over and over again.  The way in which you are going to do that is to help another soul, its a very well known therapy to help those that are in a place of suffering from anxiety and depression.  As you help others it takes the focus away from all of your worries and concerns, boosting your serotonin (feel good hormone), giving your mind and physical body a break.

As you look back on your experiences what can you take from that, what lessons are helpful that can help to propel you forward and allow you to be a lighthouse for yourself and for others.  Lighting the way in a way that no other soul can share, as they haven’t been through what you have.

If you think about women that have been through the worst of the worst, what is it that they do as they rise from the ashes, they help others, they be of service.  Even the author of the cards I’m using this week Gabrielle Bernstein, she is now an amazing author and spiritual teacher and she comes from a place of complete rock bottom, suffering with addiction.

Without her experience of hitting rock bottom, she wouldn’t have all the amazing teachings that she shares with so many of us, the world would be missing out, so right here you can see why we are put through certain experiences, its not just for us, but for all of us as a collective.

Its the same for you, there will be lessons in what you have been through, that are going to help not only you but all of us as a collective.  Each of us have no idea how much we effect others, with our energy, and with our words.

This is your reminder of your innate power!

Card 4: Peace is in my Pulse

Your guidance starts at 13:19 in the video below.

Your angels want to remind you of your calm essence!  They are showing me a vision of a duck floating on top of the water, looking very calm and serene but underneath its little legs are going like crazy.  This is you right now, you are showing a very calm vision to the world, whilst just under the surface where the truth lies, you have a whole lot of craziness going on, your legs are going at a million miles an hour just trying to keep your head above the surface.

This week you are being reminded of the calm flow within you and your angels are asking you to drop down into this space, you access and find this space through your breath and through your heart space (watch the video to experience a little exercise with me).  This place is always available to you, and you can drop down into this space easily and quickly within seconds.

What your angels are wanting to enforce with you is, why should the world get to experience your calm essence but not you,  you are showing that calm essence as a facade, whilst just under the surface you are suffering, you are  hurting, you are in pain.  Give yourself the time, to drop down and feel that essence for yourself, the true calm essence that you are trying your hardest to reflect to the world.

Your guidance this week is to come back to you, to your calm essence, to the truth of what you are experiencing and transcend to the calm waters of your heart space.

This week is beautiful we are all being guided back to peace, to find that peace within us, within our breath and within our pulse.  Operate from that place, from your heart space and you will start to see this reflected in your experience of life.

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