Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep32


Energy of the week for 9th-15th March 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels ep32

Your Guidance Revealed

ask your angels ep32

Card 1: Self-Reflection

Your guidance starts at 1:17 in the video below.

This topic has been coming up a lot of late, both in my free facebook group, with the mystical members and in client sessions, so interesting it is showing up again.  History has shown me when something appears in multiple areas it’s a message needed to be heard by many, so here it is.

Self-reflection is all about understanding that what you see in others is within you as well, as hard as this can be to stomach its an important and powerful revelation.  It brings the power back into your hands, as you change perspective and start to see the actions of others as something you can heal within you – its a game changer!

Now I am not saying that you should put up with been treated in an unfair or hurtful manner but understanding and asking the question “what is it within you that is allowing this to happen?”.

A powerful question to put at the top of the page in your journal and then see what comes, great insight for you to know what needs healing.

Card 2: Peace (In Protection)

Your guidance starts at 3:21 in the video below.

Well this is a first, a card in the upside down (protection mode) position and what this means is this message is both strong and something you are blocking.  The message of Peace is an important one for your life right now and understanding your reasons for blocking will be paramount for you.

The angels are guiding its about the uncomfortable feeling that peace and quietness brings for you, I have many people around me both personally and professionally that have a degree in being busy been busy.  Sound familiar?

The reason is because they don’t want to feel for numerous reasons, but all feelings want is to be felt and then they release.  The more feelings and emotions that are stuffed down in one way or another the harder its going to be to continue in this way, they will find their way out in the most inopportune way and in the most inopportune time.

The angels are asking you to allow peace in just a little bit, its not about going cold turkey, just a little bit of quiet time and allowing the light in a little to give you that feeling of peace that your soul will remember and relish in.

Card 3: Gratitude (In Protection)

Your guidance starts at 6:02 in the video below.

Here we go again, 4th week in a row, 4 different card decks and Gratitude is back and even more powerful in the upside down position (protection mode).  This is showing the powerfulness of this message and one the angels are not giving up on, they are like a dog with a bone and they will keep coming with it until the message is heard and implemented.

The angels are showing me that you have been praying (in however that looks for you) for a solution, for help, for guidance and this is it.  They are also guiding that you feel like this can’t be it, this can’t be my answer, this isn’t what I asked for.  It seems too simple.

Whilst yes it is simple, but extremely powerful and effective.  Adopting an attitude of gratitude is going to make a big difference in your life, its so much more than just assessing your life and seeing what you like and what you don’t.

It is you flipping the script from constantly thinking and talking about what isn’t working in your life, be honest, you know that does happen.  We all do it!

It is bringing you out of your head and down into your heartspace and operating more from that space and with that brings you into connection with your soul, your higher self and universal consciousness.

Again, I will provide you with the space to do this daily on Instagram, you can follow me here.

Card 4: Sovereignty

Your guidance starts at 8:41 in the video below.

You are the Queen of your life!  The angels showed me a vision of you sitting on a throne, as a reminder to you that you are in charge of your life.  They are guiding you tend to defer your own judgement and opinions and even values sometimes to those of others.

This tends to happen when past experiences have made you feel that you can’t trust yourself and it’s important to heal that mistrust of yourself, because no person outside of you will ever have the answers for you.

Now of course you need support and people you can lean on, we all do and even the Queen of England has her supporters and guides.  But they are not you, they do not house your soul, only you know what is right for you and what your soul needs right now.

Look at the opinions and guidance of others as research, research to help you along your way, but always bring that research back to you, how does it feel?  Does it feel right?  If not let it go and trust in yourself and your judgement.

This week with two cards in protection mode, it is a very important and pertinent message for you.  Angels are guiding even if it doesn’t feel exactly right, right now, it will support you in ways you can’t even fathom right now.

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