Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep33


Energy of the week for 16th-22nd March 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels ep33

Your Guidance Revealed

ask your angels ep33

Card 1: Boundaries

Your guidance starts at 1:09 in the video below.

Your soul is asking you to put up some boundaries, asking “where do you need to put up some boundaries?”.  To really achieve the things in  your life that you want to achieve, boundaries are absolutely paramount.  Just like in the card people are going to come at you from all directions without boundaries, they are very used to been able to cross your boundaries.

As empaths and sensitive souls we are very open, open heart and very compassionate and you may have even been a “Mrs Fix-it” in the past, always wanting to help those that are in need.  Your soul is saying this needs to come to a stop, you need to turn inside and really see and establish where your boundaries lie.

Angels are guiding when you don’t know where your boundaries lie, that is when you feel exhausted, anxious and overwhelmed because you don’t know where you stop and another person begins.  That is where that boundary line is extremely important.

The angels are also showing me that this is something you are afraid of doing, what if they get upset?  Chances are they probably will, especially those that are used to you being an open door, where they can come and go as they please, take-take-take and take from you.  When you close the door, close down the border they probably aren’t going to like it.

In saying that, they are the ones that you need to have boundaries around, they will be the ones that have caused you to feel so exhausted, suffer from anxiety and feel extremely overwhelmed.  They need to be on the other side of the line and they will get used to it and they will start to respect you for it, your time and your energy is precious and you need to protect it.

Card 2: Mintakan

Your guidance starts at 4:22 in the video below.

Your soul is whispering to you about your longing for home, feeling uncomfortable here on earth and struggling to deal with the harsh energies and not being around people that understand you on a deep level.  That feeling of lost, you may have said to yourself “I just feel lost, I feel confused” is that longing for home.

As Empaths a lot of us have that feeling, we feel strange here like we don’t belong, as we just seem so different to everyone around us.  The reason that you are different is because you are here to change things, you are here to do things differently.  That sensitivity that you have, that you have been told time and time again that you are just too sensitive, that you are overemotional, that is your gift, that is your superpower.

You are here to spread that and I know for many of us, we have shut that down because we were told “it’s not okay to be sensitive”, but its your gift, it doesn’t mean you have to change the world, just changing yourself, changes the world.

As an Empath shouldering the weight of the harsh energy here is too much, as the card says about belonging, you need to surround yourself with people just like you.  As you do that, start to feel seen, understood and respected, the weight will lift, it’s like you are sharing the weight no longer all on your shoulders.

Your soul is whispering to thrive here you need to feel connected here and as you do that the longing for home will lessen, connecting with like-minded souls like in our “Nurturing Empaths and Senstive Souls” Free Community on Facebook.

Card 3: The Age of Light

Your guidance starts at 8:00 in the video below.

Your soul is whispering “You Are Ready!”  Your angels are guiding you may be feeling that you don’t have what it takes, but you do, you have been training for this for lifetimes.  I was talking with a client about this just a few days ago, as we come to Earth we experience amnesia, we don’t remember anything and that is because if we did the pain of being away from heaven would be too much.

As you go through your journey here you start to remember, that is why it is called an Awakening, bit by bit you remember.  As things start to resonate with you, that is your soul remembering and a clear sign you have done this before and feeds directly into your souls whisper.  “You are Ready – You have got This!”.

Your angels are showing me a vision of you standing in quicksand or a thick mud and feel like you can’t move, that you are stuck.  But this is self-imposed due to the fear you feel of not having what you need, not knowing enough, they want you to know you have everything you need within you, you have done this before.

Its time for just small steps, just taking one little baby step at a time, as they say you don’t need to see the whole staircase just the next step.  As you take one step the next step will show itself to you.

As I mentioned in card 2, as you heal yourself you heal the world, as we are all connected, we are a collective of souls on this journey together.

Just take one little baby step this week and your cosmic team will support you if you allow them to.

Card 4: Mirror

Your guidance starts at 12:37 in the video below.

Your soul is whispering to you about being a mirror.  Who or what is triggering you?  Anything you see outside of you is happening within you, so what is going on within you that needs healing to stop seeing that outside of you.  Of course this has nothing to do with you accepting bad behaviour, its about you looking at what you are seeing outside of you from a different perspective.

Asking the question “why am I seeing this?”  Your energy is aligning to this for some reason, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing it.

Obviously others have their own things going on, so it’s not completely about you, but there is a part that is aligning from your energy and that is the part you want to focus on and gain a deeper understanding of what needs healing within you.  As you do that you will no longer start to see that outside of you, your energy will no longer be aligned to that.

It is your subconscious way of saying this is what is happening within us, are you ready to heal it?  It will continue to shine a light on this until you feel ready to heal.

I am sure you have noticed patterns in your life, same things showing up in different situations with different people, but the basis is the same pattern.  This is again your subconscious saying okay this needs healing, are you ready now?  As you heal that pattern, learn the lesson, let go of the pain, it will stop showing up.

Your soul is whispering we have lessons to learn and I need you to see what is happening outside of you is what needs healing within, so we can stop repeating this and move onto our next lesson.  Are you ready?

This week is very much about healing and your soul whispering “Are you Ready?”  If your answer is ‘YES’ I can help you, support you to begin on your healing journey…….book your free discovery session here

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