Energy of the Week | Ask Your Angels Ep34


Energy of the week for 23rd-29th March 2020

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels what do I need?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.


ask your angels ep34

Your Guidance Revealed

ask your angels ep34

Card 1: Improving Health

Your guidance starts at 2:40 in the video below.

“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for your comforting and reassurance about this situation”.  WOW what a beautiful comforting message just what we all need to hear right now, to know the health of both you and the world, our collective of souls is healing.

I want you to tune in now to that message, how does it make you feel?  To know your health and the health of the world is improving, does it feel like a big weight has been lifted off you?

Archangel Raphael is showing me that is exactly what is happening, he is giving me a vision of a black cloud sitting over the top of our bodies from shoulder to navel and it is now lifting and being replaced with his emerald green healing light.

I find that really interesting as that is the area where this virus is attacking isn’t it, respiratory and lungs.  This black cloud is made up of fear, scaremongering, scarcity and anxiety and you certainly don’t need that in your life.  It is not helping you and certainly not helping any one around you.

Allow Archangel Raphael to come in with his healing light and relieve you of any burdens you are currently feeling and experiencing.

Card 2: Avoid Allergens

Your guidance starts at 5:40 in the video below.

“Dear Archangel Raphael, please assist me in identifying and avoiding allergens that may be toxic to my health and happiness.  Help me to only crave healthful food and beverages”.

Archangel Raphael is guiding to make sure you keep working on ensuring your body is safe.  In times like this we can tend to turn to comfort foods to feel emotionally comforted and what he is guiding is this action or behaviour isn’t going to help, its actually going to make you feel worse.

Now more than ever it is important that you are listening to your body, she has all the answers and will tell you what she needs in each and every moment.  If you can tune into that small voice from your body, you are going to notice the messages may be asking you to try some different things right now.

Archangel Raphael is asking you to look at the current going ons as an opportunity to do things differently, try different foods, leave old things behind and move forward with the new.

If you can remove the lens of fear and put on the lens of opportunity things are going to start to look different.  Yes people are panic buying right now across the world and leaving the shelves empty, but if you can come from a place of opportunity, saying “okay this is a chance for me to do things a little differently”.

Seeing this as a time of change, a time of stripping back of all the things your soul doesn’t need and giving you the space to allow in all the things that are going to help you to move forward.

A very multi-faceted message for you this week, see whether you can take on board his message of removing the fear lens and embracing the lens of opportunity.

Card 3: Leave a Stressful Situation Behind

Your guidance starts at 9:35 in the video below.

“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for giving me the courage and willingness to take good care of myself, including surrounding myself with healthy relationships and positive situations.”

Everyone is stressed right now and as an Empath you are going to be feeling it, even if you are pretty calm and being very pragmatic about the whole situation you will still be feeling the pain of the world on an energetic level.

Archangel Raphael is guiding for you to let it go, he is showing we can sometimes fall into the trap of buying into the fear of the collective, the scaremongering that as we call them “the sheeples” believe without question.

He is showing me a vision of you wearing this big black coat (similar to the black cloud in card one) and racing into the crowd and just soaking up all of the energy of the crowd mentality.  He is asking you to step back, take off the black coat and let it go.

I was talking to a client about this in the past week and she had been following my lead and embracing her calming essence and when she went out into public she started to feel like maybe she was wrong, maybe she was being naive and shouldn’t be so calm.  This is a pure example of that crowd mentality, if you are scared then I should be too.

The fear mind will hurt more people than the virus ever will, let that go.  Obviously keep yourself safe as I talked about in card number two, do all the things you need to do to stay safe but don’t buy into the panic, don’t buy into the fear, it is not going to help you.

Take off the fear lens and put on the opportunity lens and see what is stepping forward for you right now.

Card 4: Inner Authority

Your guidance starts at 14:40 in the video below.

“Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting me as I take back my power and listen to my intuition, desires and feelings.”

Well what a great message and perfect way to end our weekly reading and exactly what I shared at the beginning of the video, check it out below.

As I was saying in the introduction to this week’s video, if you haven’t tapped into your intuition before, now is the time, utilising and powering up your intuition is so important right now.

Trust your instincts, Trust your Gut it will not lead you astray, it will give you the answers you are looking for.  Archangel Raphael is guiding if you continue to look outside of yourself for answers, if you continue to read the news articles, to watch news on TV, to believe what people are posting of Facebook – you are not going to get anywhere.

You are not going to find the answers, the solutions, the comfort and calm you are looking for because they are not out there, they are within you.  As I mentioned again in beginning of the video, you are all going to experience this differently due to your past experiences, so how could anyone outside of you have the answers you are searching for.

Think about the words “Inner Authority” they sure do pack a punch, I love them.  Giving you the confidence to turn within and know you have authority within you to make your own choices, to make your own decisions and be provided with the answers and solutions from a source of power and authority.

Trust your instincts they are right for you and you only.


WOW what a powerful experience this week with Archangel Raphael, he sure has delivered for us.  Absolutely supporting us through this time and helping to remind us of our own Inner Authority.

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