Ask Your Angels (3)

Ask Your Angels | Episode 3 | What do you need to Surrender?

In this week’s episode of “Ask Your Angels” the theme is”What do you need to Surrender?”


Surrender is something I find many people struggle with, being able to let go and release things that no longer serve them, so this week let’s see what you need to surrender.

So in today’s episode we are going to look into that question “What do you need to Surrender?”


Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels WHAT do i need to surrender?
Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.



Card 1:

Surrender Your Addictions ~ This card is all about emotional addiction, being addicted to emotion and also drama.  Your angels are guiding you to step away from any drama, they are guiding that you tend to be drawn into other people’s drama, feeling you need to fix it for them.  They are asking you to step away from any drama and start to heal your addiction to emotion, our bodies tend to become addicted to high emotion, so much so they become more comfortable within the chaos than within the calm.

Its time to turn inside and start to become not only comfortable but embrace the quiet, the calm and the serene space that is within you.  Get to know that place, just as much as you knew the place of chaos, as you do you will start to crave this calm essence instead of the external drama that had been driving you.

Will you surrender your addictions to emotions and drama?

Card 2:

Surrender Outdated Beliefs about Yourself ~ We all have outdated beliefs that we tend to believe as true, they may even be from childhood, things you were told by adults, parents, teachers, family members – so of course you believe them to be true.  It is time to look at your limiting beliefs and decide for yourself, are they true? are they helpful?  If not its time to heal them, this is what I love about EFT and being an EFT Practitioner is the ability to quickly, effectively and permanently heal these beliefs, allowing you to move forward and live your best life.

Will you surrender outdated beliefs about yourself?

Card 3:

Surrender to Divine Timing ~ Something I talk to you about a lot is divine timing, are you pushing or controlling things to happen in a certain way and on your timeline aka your ego’s timeline.  How great would it feel to just surrender that and just allow things to happen in their natural time and order, the angels are showing me a vision of a river with the water flowing downstream, you are on a kayak and deciding to turn it around and go upstream ~ against the flow.  You are working so hard to row upstream and this is exactly what you are doing in your life, working so hard to make things happen, if you would just let go and go with the flow, life would be so much easier.

Will you surrender to Divine Timing?

Card 4:

Surrender Comparisons with Other People ~ This is a big one and something we all tend to do, especially with Social Media, comparing ourselves to others and then feeling bad about ourselves because someone else is doing something better, or is further along, has more money, more success, bigger house, better car etc.  You are not here at this time to compare yourself to other souls, you are here for a divine purpose and by comparing all you are doing is diluting your personal power to fulfill your soul’s purpose.  You are enough just as you are, no comparing is going to get you any further, any quicker.  Stay in your own lane and pop on those blinders and just forge forward.

Will you surrender comparison?


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