What is Maladaptive Stress?

What is Maladaptive Stress? The term maladaptive is the opposite of adaptive and the dictionary term is “not adjusting adequately or appropriately to the environment or situation.” Whereas adaptive is described as “having an ability to change to suit changing conditions”. Maladaptive stress comes from using coping methods that at first seem to work very well, for example avoiding something that causes …

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energy reading for september 2021

Energy Reading for September 2021

Energy Reading for September 2021 It is a challenging time right now across the world and for our collective of energetic souls, so after tuning into my guidance for where my power lies in our current climate here on Earth, this was part of my role, to help you to find your power. As we …

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The Great Preemptive

The great preemptive As a highly sensitive soul and anxious earthly being I find myself in this space a lot, always needing to preempt what might happen both within me and around me and in my children’s lives too. It is so exhausting always sitting like a lioness looking for danger and ready to pounce. As …

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Taking up space at the front of the line

Taking up space at the front of the line When you set a boundary they will push back. As a highly sensitive soul you have probably allowed people to take too much, to demand too much and just be too much.  I have too! Recently I have had to put boundaries in place with my …

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The People Pleasing Mum

The People Pleasing Mum  Do you put other people and their needs before yourself and your needs? I’m going to take a guess and say it’s a resounding YES! This is something I’ve always done recovering people pleaser here. I’ve very recently seen the harm this can cause both to me and the other person. I’ll be honest my …

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The Empty Space

The Empty Space I was walking along the beach feeling a quietness I had not experienced before. I looked around and there were just as many people as any other time. I asked myself “what is different?” Why does it feel quiet and I realised it was me, my internal world was at peace, it …

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connect to your intuition

4 ways to connect to your intuition

Connect to your Intuition   Intuition is a natural skill we all have access to, just like a muscle it needs training and regular maintenance. Similar to how we train our physical muscles there are different ways to get to your end result. in this article I am going to share with you 4 ways …

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Balanced Friendships

Balanced Friendships as an Empath

Do you know what balanced friendships look like?   As empaths we are naturally caring and giving, always wanting the best for those around us and of course we can feel when that is not the case.  We tend to leap into action doing what we can to help and support that person to feel …

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Brain fog

How to Deal with Brain Fog as an Empath

Does it feel sometimes like your brain is sitting behind a veil? Brain fog is real thing that many empaths suffer from, it can feel like confusion and the inability to focus.  It has also been described as a feeling of just not being here, or off with the fairies is another term that has …

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