what is energy healing

What is Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing? Another great question sent in by one of our loyal listeners of “The Nurtured Empath” Podcast   This is a question I do get asked a lot and it is a broad topic as there are so many different types of energy healing that come under the umbrella “Energy Psychology”. I …

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how long does healing take

How Long Does Healing Take?

How Long Does Healing Take?   Thank you to one of my listeners of The Nurtured Empath Podcast for sending in this question.   < A very popular question that I get asked a lot, so I know there are many of you that have wondered about this at one time or another. First thing … Read more

Empaths and Trauma

Have all Empaths Experienced Trauma?

Have All Empaths Experienced Trauma? “All Empaths Have Suffered Childhood Trauma or Have They?” In the Empath community there is a lot of talk and even debate about this blanket statement, I have heard many Empath Coaches state that all empaths have suffered childhood trauma and that is why they are empaths. You only have …

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words affecting your energy

How Your Words Are Affecting Your Energy

How Your Words Are Affecting Your Energy “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” – Spiderman A quote that came to me when I started to think about the power of the word, clearly being married to a sci-fi geek for the past 20 years is finally rubbing off on me.  Words are so extremely …

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Which Moon Phase is Your Friend?

Which Moon Phase is Your Friend? Contrary to popular belief the full moon phase is my friend. I am sure you have heard all the bad things about the full moon phase, like all the crazies are out or it is hard to sleep during the full moon phase.  Whilst I am sure these things …

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Is Your Undercurrent Running the Show?

“Is Your Undercurrent Running the Show?” To quote the description from the dictionary “an undercurrent is a hidden opinion, feeling, or tendency often contrary to the one publicly shown” and when I read this, I thought yes that makes so much sense. We tend to put out into the world how we want people to …

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Grief is a Vessel

Grief is a Vessel Grief is a vessel that carries you through your transition keeping you safe.  A very profound and powerful perception of grief, imagine instead of feeling you have a process you need to go through, milestones you need to meet you can just feel held. Held moment to moment, knowing within your …

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The Three Ingredients you need to let go

The Three Ingredients You Need to Let Go

The Three Ingredients You Need to Let Go I am sure you have been told time and time again “you just need to let go”, I know I have heard those words more times than I care to count. It may also have been worded in such a way that made you feel there was …

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