Finding Your Soulmate

Searching for your soulmate can feel like a very noble thing to do and after all they are out there waiting for you, right? Well yes and no, your soulmate is waiting for you on a soul level but they also know there are lessons you came here to learn as did they.  So for …

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Honour Your Sensitivity

Have you ever been told “you are just too sensitive”?   Yes, me too.  I have been told this a number of times, usually by those closest to me.  This for a very long time caused me to feel really bad about myself and like there was something very wrong. On my journey of getting …

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Tap Away Your Child’s Anxiety

Does your child or children suffer with symptoms of Anxiety? As a sufferer of anxiety as a young child myself and raising two teenage girls who have also experienced symptoms of Anxiety, I know the pressure this puts on you as a parent and your family as a whole.  Childhood anxiety has two sides to …

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Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting – Yes or No?

Have you ever been accused of being a Helicopter Parent? With my hand up high in the air, way too many times to count.  From when my kids were in their first year of school and I would walk them to their class room to now been abreast of all the issues my girls experience …

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Childhood Anxiety

The Signs And Symptoms Of Childhood Anxiety

I had an interesting experience this past week, I was attending an awards ceremony for my youngest daughter, Grace aged 13.  As always the ceremony starts with the Principal Address, he usually talks about the achievements of the kids and how proud he is of all they have achieved for Term 1. However, this time …

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Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go

We all go through so many different experiences in our lives. It is a given that we are going to hold onto certain ones and let go of others.  The question is are you holding onto the right experiences, the ones that will serve you rather than harm you? [line] Let’s have a look at …

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Successful Parent

What Makes a Successful Parent?

Success = The accomplishment of an aim or purpose If we follow this definition of success then being a successful parent is going to look different for each person as we all have our own purpose. What is your purpose? When you thought about becoming a parent, what were the values you thought would be …

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