Build Your Strength with Internal Boundaries

Internal boundaries are a set of rules or values that you live by, giving you a guide of what it is you are willing to accept and endure especially from other people.

These boundaries do change over time as you go through different experiences and embark on your healing journey, what you once accepted will change because you change.

Those boundaries are what keep you safe both from others but more specifically from yourself, as a highly sensitive soul you can be very easily led and guilted into doing things that may not be for your highest good.

Think about a boundary like a line, in this case it isn’t a physical line or boundary but an energetic one.  It will protect you both from yourself and from others needs and wants.

But first you need to decide what that boundary is for you, what values you want to live by and how it is you want to experience your life and the people that you allow in it.


Thinking about this moment right now answer the following journal prompts:

  1. “what values do I want to live by?”  Write out what comes to you, as they are your deep core values.
  2. “How do I want to be treated?  Write out if life was perfect, how you would like to be treated by others
  3. “I want to experience……. in my life”   Write out what your life would look like, if you could do or be anything


This exercise is going to give you insight into what your current boundaries are and where you need to make changes.

The great thing about internal boundaries is, it’s a personal exercise, you don’t even have to tell anyone you are doing it and it works as a great practice for when it is time to implement external boundaries.

A few examples of internal boundaries:

  • I won’t worry about the troubles of others, my role is to support them as they need it.
  • I won’t forsake my own happiness for the happiness of another person
  • My needs must come first no matter what
  • I won’t try to fix other people, they are not broken

Internal boundaries are a wonderful way for you to start to honor yourself.

I would love to hear how you go with the journaling exercise, comment below and let me know.

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