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Client Casestudies

A Long Lasting Rift with my Mum was healed...

I reached out to Nicole when I started experiencing debiltating anxiety attacks for no real reason.

Nicole taught me EFT Tapping and during one of our sessions together as we were tapping on my anxiety and a pain I was feeling in my shoulder, an event with my mum surfaced.

Nicole helped me to tap on this event where I had been in a car accident with my mum 10 years prior, as we released the emotions from this event, my shoulder pain disappeared.

Funnily enough I had injured my shoulder in this car accident.

Later that day my mum called me out of the blue, we had not spoken in months after a falling out.

I remember calling Nicole to tell her about my mum reaching out to me and we were both so amazed and happy.

I may not understand exactly how it happened, but I do know the work I did with Nicole was so life changing and I am so thankful for her and being introduced to EFT Tapping.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

A Feeling of Abandonment was healed...

In my time working with Nicole a feeling of abandonment surfaced and Nicole shared with me that it was an abandonment wound.

What surfaced for me was a time when I was 18 years old and needed to have brain surgery, but due to my age my parents couldn’t come with me.

Logically I knew it wasn’t their fault and they would of been there if they could, but emotionally I felt very different, I felt abandoned.

Nicole helped me to see that it was okay to feel this way and her presence allowed me to feel safe enough to talk about how I truly felt.

She then asked if I felt ready to heal this event with EFT Tapping…

With my okay we started to tap on this event where I felt so alone and abandoned, this allowed me to release these feelings and the emotional charge that event had been carrying for the past 15 years or so.

I can now think about that event in my life and there is no emotional charge, just the memory.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

The aftermath: Long lasting effects

"I gained a steady footing on my emotional journey because of you"

Nicole you have been blessed a with deeply intuitive and caring spirit that helps you connect with your clients experiences and stories.

You are a true healer and my time with you was a definite crossroads in my healing journey. You helped me to see patterns, spark healing, understand myself and process emotions with understanding.

You were there at a deeply vulnerable time in my life with huge compassion, warmth and support. I’m grateful to have found you and will continue to call on you in times of challenge. Thank you.

Simone – Private Client

The aftermath of Holistic Counselling

I was able to forgive my abuser...

I had experienced a lot of abuse as a child at the hands of my father, I am still amazed how Nicole was able to help me and it is testament to her and our work together that I am able to talk about it here…

I had been to many psychologists and different healers over the years but to no avail, then one day I came across Nicole on Facebook.

In the beginning there was no way I would have even wanted to broach forgiveness for my father, but that is what happened.

I worked with Nicole for approx. 2 years and in that time she supported me to heal many many instances of abuse I experienced as a child.

During our time together my father also passed away and she gently supported me to start the forgiveness process, I was very resistant at first, but she very gently and patiently supported me until I felt ready to let him go.

Using EFT Tapping Nicole supported me to gently heal and release pain he had caused me and this in the end led me to a place of peace and been able to release both my father and myself.

I experienced such a sense of lightness and deep inner peace.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

I now feel safe when I am home alone...

I had experienced a violent home invasion and this was causing me to feel very unsafe in my own home, especially when I was home alone.

Eventhough I had since moved with my family to a new country, I still felt scared.

My logic brain was telling me I was safe, but I still felt so terrifed.

I reached out to Nicole to see if she could help me, I remember talking to her on the phone and her voice was so calming, it gave me an immediate sense of safety.

In our first session Nicole taught me EFT Tapping in preparation to work on this event I had experienced when I felt ready.

Much to my amazement and Nicole’s I felt ready the very next session, so we got to work.

I felt so safe in Nicole’s presence that I was able to tap on the home invasion I had experienced without feeling re-traumatised.

She ensured I was safe from this event at all times, allowing me to tap on the emotions and trauma I had stored in my body.

As I write this today, I can tell you that I can think about that fateful day and there is no emotional charge, it is now just a memory.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

The aftermath: Long lasting effects

"I wouldn't be the calm and resilient person I am today without you"

Living for 56 years based on the trauma I experienced as a child, I can say I am truly healed. Life will always have its challenges, but now I have a skill set & knowledge to know I can tackle anything.

Donna – Private Client

Holistic Counselling allowed me to feel free and calm

I can now confidently advocate for my child...

I am a mum to a child with additional needs and that has included a lot of time in hospitals and seeing specialists.

I was feeling so overwhelmed and anxious all the time, so I reached out to Nicole for support.

Our first conversation put my mind at ease so quickly, as I learned that Nicole too had a child with special needs.

She just understood me and what I was experiencing so easily.

I remember one session with her where she was supporting me to be an advocate for my child and I shared how scared and incapable I was feeling.

Nicole helped me with EFT Tapping to understand where these feelings were coming from and then we started to heal events from my past where I had felt incapable.

I noticed as we healed these past events, I started to feel confident like I had this knownigness that I could advocate for my child.

I remember leaving that session with this feeling of ‘no-one knows my child as well as I do’.

Since that day I interact with my childs specialists in such a different way and there responses to me are different.

Nicole told me this is because of the change in my own energy, it has helped me to feel so much more confident and empowered.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

I have a new appreciation for my gift of sensitivity...

I have been sensitive my whole life and as a child I experienced so many moments where I was told that I was too sensitive and overly emotional.

This led me to believe that there was some innately wrong with me and being sensitive was something abnormal and to be ashamed of.

When I started working with Nicole the first thing I noticed and felt was her deep support for me as a highly sensitive person, I had never experienced that before.

It was like she knew exactly what I had experienced, I soon learned it was because she had.  Nicole is so open about her own experiences and I found that so refreshing compared to other therapists I had worked with.

Using EFT Tapping Nicole helped me to uncover beliefs I had about myself that were either not true or belonged to someone else.

I started to uncover the truth about myself, who I am and that helped my self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence improve.

Nicole also taught me some amazing strategies to manage my sensitivity so it isn’t so overwhelming.

I am now happier in my day-to day life but more importantly I can now confidently say ‘my sensitivity is a gift’.

Past Client - Details withheld for Privacy

The aftermath: Long lasting effects

"After my first session, I felt so present with my kids"

Nicole is fantastic at what she does.

If you are burnt out and want to work with someone who can create a safe space for you to heal, feel lighter, and find peace.

Then you must work with her.

Not only does she have the right qualifications, but she also has the life experience, passion and dedication to match.

Jess – Private Client

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