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Moving Past Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is just like a used baby blankie, its warm and familiar but also a little worse for wear.

You know where you are right now isn’t where you want to stay and the results you are seeing in your life is far from what you want, however stepping outside of your comfort zone riddles you with fear and panic.

One part of you really wants to move forward and build a better life for yourself and your family but another part is telling you – no, no lets just stay here, its safe here, we can’t get hurt here.  Sound familiar?

Whilst your comfort zone is warm and cozy and definitely safe and what you are used to, it isn’t going to bring you closer to your dream life.  Now when I talk about a dream life, its not the whole idea of a big boat, new house, new car, millions of dollars – although that would be nice.  I am talking about that feeling of peace and calm and true love of yourself and where you are in your life.

For me that feeling of true inner calm and peace is worth so much more than any amount of money or material item I could acquire.  But I knew to find that I had to wade through some mud to get there and of course that involved stepping way outside of my comfort zone.

When you think about stepping outside of your comfort zone, memes may come to mind, like climbing a big mountain, starting a new endeavour or going on a big adventure.  There is something so much bigger than any of those ideas and that is looking inside and starting to find your way through the mud just like a lotus flower.

The Lotus Flower is a sign of detachment, a true sign of letting go of what is no longer serving you.

A lotus flower grows through the mud and still blossoms with beautiful flowers, as it grows water beads off the petals, letting go of what it no longer needs.

I was talking to my 16 year old daughter the other day about the importance of letting go and not holding onto the old her.  Recently she has been weaning off one of her epilepsy medications and with that, she has started to feel different.

She is experiencing more energy, a clearer mind and has become very talkative.  Her first response was to want to feel like she did before as that is what she was used to, that was her comfort zone.

Even though to an outsider that wouldn’t make any sense, why wouldn’t she want more energy, a clearer mind and to feel happier.  Well like the baby blankie that is a little worse for wear, it is familiar even though its not necessarily in her best interests.

So as you can see our comfort zones are not always good for us, at one time or another maybe they were, but a time comes where it is time to let go, embrace the fear and move forward.

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone?

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Is Fear Driving Your Life?


False Evidence Appearing Real

Is that what you want leading your life?

As you go through life and have negative experiences fear can become a very big part of your life and at times, taking its place in the driver’s seat of your life.

Driving your actions and decisions and limiting the things you are able to achieve and the results that appear in your life.

Fear can be very debilitating and consume your thoughts in different areas of your life depending on your experiences.

At times the fear you experience can actually feel very real and it can be hard to differentiate between what is fear and anxiety and what is real and true.

Fear does play an important part in our life, keeping us safe in dangerous situations.


But how do you tell the difference between what fear is helpful and what is harmful?

Learning to trust in yourself and your inner voice – intuition, will help you to start to differentiate between the voice of ego and the voice of your intuition.

  • Your inner voice is always a very quiet and positive voice, guiding you for your best interest.
  • The voice of unhelpful ego is always a loud voice and uses negative words and messaging.

Implementing this one action into your daily life will allow you to heal the most important relationship, the relationship with your higher self.

This will help you to begin to heal your connection to a very important source of guidance and information for your journey here on earth.


Your past experiences can dictate how you respond or react to similar situations in the present time.  Essentially having fear in the driver’s seat of your life.

Healing these past experiences can help to change the way you respond to current and new experiences.  Essentially kicking fear to the kerb and putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a wonderful easy and effective modality to help you to heal these past experiences that are affecting your current life.

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An opportunity to start to explore how your past experiences are affecting your life and start to heal and kick fear to the kerb once and for all.

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Written By Nicole Ivens

Nicole Ivens is an experienced Professional Counsellor, Wellness Coach and EFT Practitioner.

Nicole helps women to reduce fear and anxiety and take back control of their life by kicking fear to the kerb and getting back in the driver’s seat of their life.

Learn more about Nicole www.nicoleivens.com/meetnicole