5 Ways to Let Go of Emotional Pain

how to let go

We all go through so many different experiences in our lives… It is a given that we are going to hold onto certain ones and let go of others.  The question is are you holding onto the right experiences, the ones that will serve you rather than harm you? Let’s have a look at the […]

What are Boundaries and Why do I need them?

What are boundaries

As written in the dictionary Boundaries are: “a line which marks the limits of an area.” For many highly sensitive people there are no boundaries, it is like open season.  In this article I am going to help you to put in place both internal and external boundaries. Implementing boundaries is a little more challenging, than […]

Is Your Independence a Trauma Response?

Independence trauma response

Something I have witnessed over the years working with my clients is the “Strong Woman” essence.  A facade that sensitive women in particular wear and present to the world to cover up what they are truly feeling below the surface. Strong women are fiercely independent not needing anyone or anything to help them, they use […]

The Gift of Daily Habits

EFT Tapping for Anxiety

At this time of year our focus can be on the year ahead, achievements, goals and intentions.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is also important to pay attention to the present as that is what is going to bring you to your big goal or intention for the year ahead. Your daily […]

Gratitude is the Key | Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 3

Gratitude is the Key!

Law of Attraction – Step 3 Allowing You have decided what it is that you want and have been working hard to give attention to your desire, so where is it?  Why hasn’t it appeared in your life yet, I hear you say. Step 3 is a very important step and one that is missed […]

Your Energetic Bubble | Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 2

Vibrational Bubble

Law of Attraction – Step 2 Give Your Desire Attention… So you know what you want and now you are ready to learn how you go about getting it, surely it’s not as easy as asking for it and it arriving?  Well Yes and No… Step 2 is all about finding ways to give attention […]

What do you want? Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 1

what do I want

Law of Attraction – Step 1 Identify Your Desire… When was the last time you asked yourself the question “what do I want?”  It has been quite some time if ever, right?  We tend to live our lives in the mindset of what is going wrong as opposed to what is going right in our […]

The Universe is a Mirror


Looking over my life, I have at times wondered what is the universe doing. Have you found yourself asking that question – Universe what are you doing? I could never really understand why some people seem to do things very easily, have everything they could possibly want and more and then others struggle to meet […]

A Guide to Personal Empowerment

One of my favourite things that I am very passionate about is empowering women to really believe in themselves and get back in the driver’s seat of their life.  The light I see in their eyes when this shift begins to happen is miraculous, they stand tall and have a beautiful confidence within them that […]

An Antidote To Your Stress Response

Reduce Stress Response

We each have an in-built stress response, it is there to protect us against threats that may be of harm to us.  You may know it as the “fight, flight or freeze response”. You will have one that is your main stress response, for me mine is flight.  If you think about it for a […]