Gratitude is the Key | Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 3

Gratitude is the Key!

Law of Attraction – Step 3 Allowing You have decided what it is that you want and have been working hard to give attention to your desire, so where is it?  Why hasn’t it appeared in your life yet, I hear you say. Step 3 is a very important step and one that is missed […]

Your Vibrational Bubble | Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 2

Vibrational Bubble

Law of Attraction – Step 2 Give Your Desire Attention So you know what you want and now you are ready to learn how you go about getting it, surely it’s not as easy as asking for it and it arriving?  Well Yes and No. Step 2 is all about finding ways to give attention […]

What do you want? Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 1

what do I want

Law of Attraction – Step 1 Identify Your Desire When was the last time you asked yourself the question “what do I want?”  It has been quite some time if ever, right?  We tend to live our lives in the mindset of what is going wrong as opposed to what is going right in our […]

The Universe is a Mirror


Looking over my life, I have at times wondered what is the universe doing. Have you found yourself asking that question – Universe what are you doing? I could never really understand why some people seem to do things very easily, have everything they could possibly want and more and then others struggle to meet […]

Ask Your Angels: What do I need to know?

what do I need to know

Ask Your Angels “What do I need to know?” A theme I see in the spiritual community is shifting from what you don’t want, to what you do, whilst this is also something I teach in regards to manifesting.  When it comes to communication with your Angels, it is a little different. Your Angels are […]

Ask Your Angels: What is Missing in my Life?

Ask Your Angels “What is missing in my life?” Sometimes there is something missing in your life but you are unable to access what it is, what is that missing piece? So in today’s episode we are going to look into that question “What is Missing in my Life?” Tune in to your Cosmic Team […]

A Guide to Personal Empowerment

One of my favourite things that I am very passionate about is empowering women to really believe in themselves and get back in the driver’s seat of their life.  The light I see in their eyes when this shift begins to happen is miraculous, they stand tall and have a beautiful confidence within them that […]

Ask Your Angels: What Does My Most Important Relationship Need?

Ask Your Angels “What does my most important relationship need?” Each of you will have a relationship in your life that you see as the most important, it may be with an intimate partner, a friend or in my mind with yourself. So this week, lets ask the question “What does my most important relationship […]

The Voice of your Anxiety

The voice of your anxiety

Anxiety is very prevalent in today’s society, from kids right through to elderly adults.  Different times of life can bring on more anxiety than others and is very good at stealing away your joy and happiness. Anxiety can be a very good teacher, letting you know when there is something wrong and guiding you to […]

Ask Your Angels: What is Blocking Me?

Ask Your Angels “What Is Blocking Me?” This is a question I get asked a lot both by my clients and also those who are part of our community – “I feel like something is blocking me”. So in today’s episode we are going to look into that question “What is blocking me?” Tune in […]