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Rhythm of your breath

Can the Rhythm of your Breath Hold the Answers?

As you go about your day notice the inhale and the exhale of your breath in your body, notice how it happens automatically to your own rhythm.  No two persons breath rhythm is the same, some breathe deeper, some shallower, some faster and some slower.

As you start to notice your breath rhythm, really get to know it, what does it feel like on the in breath? what does it feel like on the out breath?  Noticing your whole body’s response, as you do this you will then know at times where you are out of rhythm and as you are out of rhythm, it is a sign you are out of alignment with the Universe.

Come back to your breath, always come back to your breath, it is your connection to YOU, connect to your light, connection to the Universe and connection to Source.

It sounds so simple but the first thing, we do as we enter our earthly vessel is take a breath and the last thing we do before we leave our early vessel is take our last BREATH!

The flow of life is as simple as the in and out breath as long as you go with the flow and stay in the flow, life will seem easy.  Simple, flowing and rhythmic.

Nature follows this process in each and every moment, take the ocean for example; notice a wave at the beach, you don’t see it holding back what is natural to it, it ebbs and flows, in and out and back and forth.  It doesn’t hold back, comparing itself to the wave next to it or hiding its natural beauty in fear it is not good enough, it just shines its natural gift of flowing in and out.

The same for you, why step out of your rhythm with life, breathing in and out with life, no holding back what is natural and what is divinely yours.  It is only when you step out of this rhythm, that life becomes hard, like pushing a rock up a hill.  When you rely on only your earthly vessel’s power you are limiting your potential.

Within the rhythm of life you are connected to source and source is infinite making you infinite, your possibilities are infinite.  As you flow with life, life flows with you.

Like a river flowing downstream, you flow downstream, as it turns you turn, as it stops, you stop always knowing it will flow again. Just like you know the sun will rise again, so will you.

The flow is inside of you, this beautiful current, flowing, ebbing and flowing, in and out.  Dance with life and life will dance with you. 

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Stress Busters For Mums

In my opinion there is one role we choose to take on as women and it is the most difficult, yet the most profound, growth provoking and fulfilling.  You got it, our role as a mother, one day all of a sudden we are responsible for this little human, with no guidelines and no rule book or manual to speak of.

Can you imagine starting a new job and being thrown in the deep end with no instructions, help or flotation devices to speak of.  Just wouldn’t happen right, hello HR we have a problem.

So of course mums experience different levels of stress throughout their child’s life, I’m just learning now with teenagers, one nearly 18, it doesn’t get better, or worry less, it’s just different.

“The older they get, the bigger the age number, the bigger the problems”

Stress Busters for Mums


So let’s look at some strategies aka Stress Busters For Mums to help you through some of those stressful periods as a Mum.

  1. Breathe

Breath work is very powerful in lowering your stress levels, helping you to self-regulate your emotions and then respond in a more calm manner.  Ensuring you are breathing deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Note: Shallow breathing will cause your anxiety to spike, in turn making your stress levels worse.

2. No comparing

STOP comparing yourself to other women and other mothers, even your own.  You are not them and they are not you, also they don’t have your children, they don’t know your children like you do.  You know what your children need, comparing yourself to others is only going to bring more misery and possibly trigger you in ways of self-worth and self-confidence.  You are doing your very best and that is Enough!

3. Adult Time Out

You need some time-out, time to just breathe (see strategy #1), to tend to your needs without being pulled in a thousand different directions.  Time out for you will be different for time out for me or any other woman, you do you and let others do them.  If you could take an “Adult Time Out”, what would that look like for you?

Taking a time out is not neglecting your children or your role as a mum, you are doing it for them not to them.  A calm and relaxed mum is way more fruitful for your children than an exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed mum.

4. Emotion Regulation

You are human despite you proving otherwise with your amazing skills at being in a million places at once and being everything to everyone.  So yes you have needs and you have emotions that need tending to, emotion regulation is going to help you to feel calm within the chaos that is life as a mum.  Along with the first three strategies this is important in keeping you grounded and allowing you to cope with life’s hard knocks.

EFT or Tapping is a great modality to be using to help you self-regulate (you can teach it to your kids too), its easy to learn and very effective at lowering both yours and your children’s stress levels.  In my mind a calm mum is a calm child and a calm child is a calm mum.  Check out the video below where I take you through a quick process of what EFT or Tapping is and how you can use it in your life.



I hope you enjoy trying out these stress busters for mums, I would love to hear how they work for you, comment below.  Any questions about any of these strategies, comment below or contact me here.

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How To Increase Your Abundance | Wednesday Wisdom

How To Increase Your Abundance

Would you like to know how to increase your abundance without having to do anything?  Then keep reading!

Abundance has become what I like to call a “Buzz Word”, every second person is talking about it, but how do you actually become more abundant?  Is it something you need to add to your daily | Weekly to-do-list, I hear you saying God I hope not.

Well, I have good news for you, NO there is nothing you need to do, to become more abundant, sounds good right?  Or too good to be true?

Honestly, you can sit where you are right now, not even get up off the couch | chair | bed etc and become more abundant – wait what??  Yes you read that right, there is nothing you need to do, however there is something you need to be.

Are you ready for me to lay it on you?

Abundance is a FEELING!  Read that again…….Abundance is a FEELING!

Yep you are going to have to FEEL, I know I know, that taboo feeling word.  As you start to feel more abundant then the Universe is going to have its to-do-task and will send you more experiences and opportunities to feel more abundant.  Do you see the pattern here………your feelings are your instructions to the universe.

So I hear you saying OK great, but how do I do that?  I have a few tips for you, let’s get into them.

Tip #1 ~ Awareness ~

Start to become more aware of the abundance around you, have a look outside or even better go outside in nature, check out that beautiful tree, look at all its leaves – HELLO Abundance.  It is everywhere around you, as soon as you open your awareness you are going to start to see it everywhere, which is going to increase your feeling of abundance and of course your instruction to the Universe.  Boom!

Tip #2 ~ Feel IT ~

Yes you are going to have to feel it, whether you like it or not.  Feelings are vibrations and vibrations is how the Universe takes it’s cue from you to what it is you want in your life.  You can do all the things you like to bring in more money aka abundance but if you are not feeling it, then the Universe won’t either.

Tip #3 ~ Respect ~

Money isn’t something we particularly respect, its just something we view as a need, what we need to survive here on the Earthly Plane.  While yes that is true, we do need money to survive, it has its own energy (as does everything) and its important to have both your energy and the energy of your money work together congruently.

So a little task for you today – I know I said you didn’t need to do anything – my bad.  Have a look in your hand bag, purse, wallet – how does it look?  Does it look clean and tidy, like you respect it or is it more like a dumping ground.  What energy do you think your handbag, purse, wallet is sending out?

If its more like a dumping ground, then its time to clear it out, making room for you to receive, we always want space to receive more.

As you clean out your handbag, purse, wallet you are not only DE-cluttering the physical you are also DE-cluttering your mind, which in turn changes how you are feeling and Bam the vibration you are sending to the Universe changes.  Hello Abundance!

Click the video below to hear more about How To Increase Your Abundance

Comment below and let me know how this concept FEELS for you!

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Ask Your Angels – Episode 2

In this week’s episode of “Ask Your Angels” the theme was “What is Blocking You?”


This is a question I get asked a lot both by my clients and also those that connect with me over on Social Media – “I feel like something is blocking me”.

So in today’s episode we are going to look into that question “What is blocking you?”

Tune in to your Cosmic Team and Ask Your Angels WHAT IS BLOCKING ME? and Pick card 1, 2, 3 or 4.



Card 1:

Dynasty of the Divine Mother ~ This card for you is all about spiritual enlightenment and the understanding that it doesn’t have to be done within a spiritual place, such as a church or temple.  Wherever you are you can pray to God and talk to your angels.  Your angels want you to know every little action that you take, in every moment is pushing you along your spiritual path.   In each and every moment you are connected to the Divine and the important thing is to find what works for you, what makes you feel connected the most?  Your angels are asking you to have a spiritual routine, a routine that works for you, within your current schedule.

Card 2:

Ivory Swan Goddess ~ Your message is all around spiritual shame and your angels want  you to know there is no such thing, each person has their own path and own journey in their own time.  There is no competition or comparison, you have your own beautiful divine spark and it can not be compared to or competed against and the same for each human being.  Letting go of the need to be like anyone else is going to free you up to move forward.

Card 3:

Sound The Fierce Flute ~ Its time to be discerning, paying attention to who you are around and what you are consuming.  Your angels want you to know that NO is a full sentence, no need to explain why.  This is clearly what is blocking you right now, allowing everything and everyone to come at you with no filter and no boundaries.  Its time to put up your boundaries and only allow in what it is that feels good to you and is for your highest good right now.

Card 4:

Sweeping Sister Willow ~ Its time to clear the decks, sweeping out all that no longer serves you.  To do this its time to think about forgiveness, where in  your life are you holding onto negative emotion, either towards yourself or others.  As you start to release those heavy emotions you will start to feel lighter, more energetic and easier to move forward.  No wonder you feel blocked when you are weighed down so heavily by these difficult emotions – Let them go.


You can also watch my Video to hear more about each card and the guidance I provided ~ click below

I would love to hear how the guidance resonates for you right now, either comment right here on the blog or on the video over on YouTube.

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Nicole Ivens
Soul Coaching

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How To Conquer Fear

FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is a big topic and one that we all deal with, the acronym for Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real, but BOY does it feel real in that moment.

When fear is rising in you, no matter what it is you are trying to do, it can really feel like your life is in danger.  Your EGO likes to keep you in your comfort zone and how does it do that?  By making your feel fearful, frightened of making change, those great thoughts of “what could go wrong?” or “who do you think you are?”.

Three Ways to Conquer Fear in your Life

1. Take Away Its Power

When fear is rising in you, it has great power, keeping you stuck and not moving forward.  So you need to take away its power, to do that you are going to take pen to paper.  {sidenote: not on the computer or your phone}  I want you to get out a notebook or piece of paper and you are going to write out all those thoughts and fears that are rising in you, as you do that it takes away its power.

When your thoughts are free to roam around  your head, they gain great momentum.  As you remove them, by writing them down, you take away the power they have over you.  Just like a rock rolling down a hill, it just gets faster and faster until you remove it from the hill, then it just comes to a STOP.

2. Supporting Evidence

What evidence is there that this thought or fear is true?  You are going to become an investigator/scientist, looking for the evidence that this fear you are experiencing is even real, does it have anything substantial backing it up.  Chances are you are not going to find much evidence if any to support this fear and thoughts associated with it, remembering F.E.A.R ~ False Evidence Appearing Real.

3. Flip the Script

Look back over your life and recognise times where you have pushed past your fear and accomplished your goals anyway, what courage and bravery that takes.  To say yes FEAR I see you but I choose to do this anyway, you get to make a choice either allowing FEAR to stop you or using it like a launching pad.

You know all those successful people you look up to, guess what they too have FEAR.  Nothing big they ever do is done without FEAR, they just make a conscious choice to not allow FEAR to stop them, using it as their driving force, their launching pad and you can do that too.

Watch this video for more guidance on Conquering Your Fear


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Comment below and let me know your thoughts on incorporating these techniques as part of your tool box.

Nicole Ivens

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Healing Your Pain

Healing Your Pain

Life is a series of experiences, some good, some not so good.  With each experience there is a lesson that we are here to learn, lesson or not the pain that comes along with it can be hard to deal with.  In each moment you get to choose what you are going to do with that pain, you can either choose to hold on to it or you can use it as a launching pad ~ to move you forward ~ healing your pain.

Experience after Experience, layer of pain after layer of pain, you start to feel weighed down,  you start to feel lost and confused and probably don’t even know why.

It is similar to when you are watching TV and the connection isn’t working well, so you start to get static and unable to see the full picture ~ so what is happening here?

“You have lost the connection, just as layers of pain within you have caused you to lose the connection to YOU.”

healing your pain through connection

You are wondering around in a fog, probably unable to think clearly or make decisions in your life.  And it’s no wonder, who could with a faulty connection, connection to your true self, your inner self and your higher self.  They are all YOU and they are all ready and willing to assist you, once you connect back in.

Connecting back in means saying NO to the outside world, to all those tasks that you have taken on, feeling like that will help you to find your way.  Others will know better than me……I bet that thought has crossed your mind more than once.

Guess what……….no one and I mean no one knows you better than YOU, no other person here on Earth can give you what you are looking for.  That sense of connection, understanding and acceptance can only come from one place.  Yep you guessed it, YOU.

I hear you yelling, how do I do that?

Don’t worry I have your back, you know that person that is at the bottom of the pile, yep she is going to cut the line and come to the front, yes there will be some looks and maybe comments like “Hey what do you think you are doing?”.

Your response will be “Oh me, I’m putting myself first”  they may not like it at first, but as you start to value YOU, so will they.

Let’s talk about what that looks like, how do you put yourself first?  I want you to think about something that you would love to be able to do for yourself, but never have because you have allowed others needs to come first.  It can be something small like “I would love to sit and drink my coffee, instead of chugging it down as I’m running out the door”.

This is where we start, we start with just a small action that is going to show both yourself and others around you, that you matter and you value yourself and your time.

Each week, I want you to add another act that is just for you and before you know it, you will be treating yourself with the kindness that you have showed everyone else for so long.

You know the magic of this act of kindness, others will start to treat you with the same kindness, you have 1. shown them for so long and 2. you are now showing yourself.

Healing your pain

What I have learned in my own healing journey is your subconscious mind (the part of your brain that is like a super computer and stores each and every moment of your life) will only bring experiences forward that need healing when you are ready.

The great way to show you are ready, is by showing yourself love and kindness.  This alerts your subconscious mind that you are ready and willing to spend the time on healing your pain and bit by bit it will bring forward parts of you that need healing.

As you start to heal these parts of you, they then become your POWER, your Launching Pad to move forward and no longer allow your pain to dictate your life.

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Love Thyself

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether this day fills you with excitement or dread, it’s important to remember the message of this special day.



Whilst Valentines Day is now heavily commercialised and aimed at intimate couples, there is no reason to not make this a day of love, kindness and compassion towards yourself.

Now showing love to yourself and being #1 in your life may feel strange at first, it is essential to your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

You may be having thoughts of “yeah right, like I have time for that.”  But what if I told you, you can show yourself love, kindness and compassion right now as you read this article.

Are you IN?

Wonderful let’s get to work.  In every minute of every day you have thoughts slipping past your awareness and I can guarantee they are not all good for you.

So right now I want you to think, say out loud or write down something nice about yourself.  It could be a physical attribute, a personality trait or a strength.


Did you do it?   I am trusting that you did, so imagine spending all of Valentines Day just being kind and compassionate to yourself.  How do you think  you would experience the day?  To go one step further, envision doing this every day, just saying some kind words to yourself.  Your life would start to change in ways that you can’t even imagine right now and all from a few simple kind words.

Be Kind

Our journey here on Earth isn’t one that is supposed to leave us feeling in pain, not good enough or worthy of love.  It is to spread love and joy not just to our fellow human being but most importantly to ourselves first.

Can you imagine if you spoke to your children, the way you speak to yourself, what would their life be like?  How would they feel about themselves?  Exactly, not great right.

So your mission for this Valentines Day and beyond if you choose to accept it, is to just share some kind words and thoughts with yourself.

Do you accept your mission?

Leave a reply below and let me know and if you feel up to it, share with me the kind words you are sharing with yourself today.

Nicole Ivens | EFT Practitioner

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Emotional Wellbeing – Is it really all that important?

Emotional Wellbeing – Is it really all that important?

In two words I am going to answer that for you – HELL YEAH!

Let me tell you why, each of us has three parts to our wellbeing:

Emotional Wellbeing

Each part needs and deserves equal attention, physical wellbeing receives more attention and is more socially acceptable than emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Yet doesn’t mean it is any more important or vital to your overall wellbeing.

Stress has become a leading cause of disease in the physical body and your emotional wellbeing is a huge factor in managing your stress levels and in turn the Dis-Ease you are experiencing.

There are many ways that you can deal with your stress levels and emotions that DO NOT support your overall wellbeing, for example:

  • Distraction techniques such as:
    * Emotional Eating
    * Smoking
    * Drinking
    * Drug Use
    * Excessive Shopping

These distraction techniques in avoiding dealing with your emotions then have a negative effect on your physical wellbeing.  So yes your emotional wellbeing is IMPORTANT!

Let’s talk about ways in which you can make your Emotional Wellbeing an important part of your life.

  1. LISTEN to your Feelings and ask these questions:
    * What are you trying to tell me?
    * Where is this feeling coming from?
    * What action should I take?
  2. FEEL your Feelings, just let them come and go without judgement or dissection
  3. RELEASE your Feelings, let go of the experience that is the cause of the feeling.

To support you in this process I work with clients 1-1 both locally and nationally.  Click here to learn more and book your session.


Moving Past Your Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is just like a used baby blankie, its warm and familiar but also a little worse for wear.

You know where you are right now isn’t where you want to stay and the results you are seeing in your life is far from what you want, however stepping outside of your comfort zone riddles you with fear and panic.

One part of you really wants to move forward and build a better life for yourself and your family but another part is telling you – no, no lets just stay here, its safe here, we can’t get hurt here.  Sound familiar?

Whilst your comfort zone is warm and cozy and definitely safe and what you are used to, it isn’t going to bring you closer to your dream life.  Now when I talk about a dream life, its not the whole idea of a big boat, new house, new car, millions of dollars – although that would be nice.  I am talking about that feeling of peace and calm and true love of yourself and where you are in your life.

For me that feeling of true inner calm and peace is worth so much more than any amount of money or material item I could acquire.  But I knew to find that I had to wade through some mud to get there and of course that involved stepping way outside of my comfort zone.

When you think about stepping outside of your comfort zone, memes may come to mind, like climbing a big mountain, starting a new endeavour or going on a big adventure.  There is something so much bigger than any of those ideas and that is looking inside and starting to find your way through the mud just like a lotus flower.

The Lotus Flower is a sign of detachment, a true sign of letting go of what is no longer serving you.

A lotus flower grows through the mud and still blossoms with beautiful flowers, as it grows water beads off the petals, letting go of what it no longer needs.

I was talking to my 16 year old daughter the other day about the importance of letting go and not holding onto the old her.  Recently she has been weaning off one of her epilepsy medications and with that, she has started to feel different.

She is experiencing more energy, a clearer mind and has become very talkative.  Her first response was to want to feel like she did before as that is what she was used to, that was her comfort zone.

Even though to an outsider that wouldn’t make any sense, why wouldn’t she want more energy, a clearer mind and to feel happier.  Well like the baby blankie that is a little worse for wear, it is familiar even though its not necessarily in her best interests.

So as you can see our comfort zones are not always good for us, at one time or another maybe they were, but a time comes where it is time to let go, embrace the fear and move forward.

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone?

I offer in-person and online 30 minute sessions to support you to conquer your fear and leave the comfort of your familiarity.   You can book your session here……www.nicoleivens.com/services

Reflection – Who is looking back at you?

There are many mirrors around you, what are they showing you?


As I awoke this morning on the 4th Anniversary of my Daughter’s diagnosis with Epilepsy, I started to reflect on how different I am today compared to this day four years ago.  It got me thinking about the importance of Reflection, both on the things you have achieved but also more so on how you have changed.

At this time of year you can get so bogged down with all you need to get done, to-do list on top of to-do list on top of to-do list.  As they say, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

2018 has been the year of healing, a lot of introspection.  You may have noticed in many areas of your life it has felt like you were at a standstill, when in actual fact there was so much going on within you.

The thing about internal work is it isn’t all that noticeable on the outside, but little by little as you heal the layers on the inside, the outside will soon catch up and show you a different reflection.

Now is a great time to think back to December 2017, who were you back then?  How have you changed?  What is different now?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many mirrors around you.  This will help you to answer those questions, what are people around you reflecting back to you?  This happens in both positive and negative ways, the way in which others interact with you and also in ways that others may be triggering you.

These are all signs to you as to what is happening within you and helps you to see where you have grown and where you may still have some needed healing.

So as you go into Christmas Day with your family, you can leave behind the old you and embrace who you are now.  With this realisation the energy you share will be different and that will change how you interact with others and how they now interact with you.

This process is going to allow you to leave 2018 with the lessons you needed and leave behind that which is no longer serving you.  Giving you the best start to the New Year, ushering in a new energy to take you through 2019.

In 2019 I will be running a local Tapping Circle here on the Gold Coast and the topic for January will be Goal Setting and Manifestation.  You can book your spot here.

I would like to thank you for your support this year and wish You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.