Courage is an Angel

Courage is an Angel!

What is courage exactly? Feeling the fear and doing it anyway, as a special needs mum I have had to find courage in buckets to continue day in and day out with what needs to be done.

Like an angel courage keeps you going when you normally would not have the strength or determination to keep going.  Courage supports you through the tough times and reminds you of the inner strength you have always had.

Have you ever had the question – I don’t know how you do it? I don’t have a choice this is the hand I have been dealt, so all I can do is make the most of it. Would I wish this on any other person, hell no, it is not an easy road but one I wouldn’t change. Yes you read that correctly, I wouldn’t change our life. Of course if I could take away Gabby’s seizures I definitely would, the lessons we have learned and the strength we have gained through this process called life has been amazing.

Yesterday, saw Gabby’s seizures return, partially due to her being unwell and partially to the stress our family was experiencing. I do very well in crisis situations, jumped into action put all our monitoring back in place to ensure her safety overnight, so I could get some sleep.

Now for me this is where the courage kicks in, it is in those quiet moments when everyone is OK and I have to deal with the emotional fallout of what we have experienced. Having the courage to see and feel the emotion allowing it to flow through me without the need to push it down and ignore its purpose.


I see myself as the Lioness of our family, protecting them to the ends of the world and once all is quiet I retreat and lick my wounds.

What does the word ‘Courage’ mean to you?

Written by Nicole Ivens

Nicole Ivens is an experienced Professional Counsellor, Wellness Coach and EFT Practitioner.

Nicole helps women to reduce fear and anxiety and take back control of their life by kicking fear to the kerb and getting back in the driver’s seat of their life.

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