Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced DIY courses to support you on your healing journey...

Tapping Into Your Money Story

It is time to remember your Divine Right of Abundance

The relationship you have with money has a massive effect on how money shows up or doesn’t show up in your life.

Life experiences can cause energetic blockages and show up in ways such as beliefs that you hold that are then causing your relationship with money to be one that is not ideal.

In this 5 day healing experience you are going to start on your journey to healing your relationship with money, and releasing beliefs that are not serving you.

In this series we will tap into what that story is for you.

Are you ready to learn why money is eluding you?

Your Money Mindset is the Key to Unlocking your Abundance.

Teacher & Guide: Nicole Ivens

Master Your Intuition

It is time to remember your Divine Right of Intuition

As a divine being you have a birth right to connect back to heaven, like a phone call back home.  As highly sensitive souls and empaths Earth can feel like we have been dropped off in a foreign land and we are wondering when they are going to come back and pick us up.

Earth is a wonderful training ground for our souls but can also feel like a harsh environment for your sensitive energy, the good news is, you don’t have to do this alone.

Your Intuition is your lifeline to connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved ones and Cosmic Team.

Teacher & Guide: Nicole Ivens

More courses are on their way, watch this space...

Experience as a Student…

"Thanks Nicole for a great workshop"

The tapping helped me let go and release the past year, so I am ready for a better 2023!

Your meditation was so powerful, I was able to visualise and connect to my higher self – I will be revisiting this one!

It was so empowering to start this new year with a vision board lesson.

Love how you took me on a journey that started with one word and we were able to create so much from that.

Thank you, this will be something I’ll do every year now.

Jo – Live Workshop Student