How to cope with a Life Altering Diagnosis?

That fateful day when you receive a diagnosis that changes life as you once knew it, be that for yourself or a loved one, life will no longer be the same.

Once the shock wears off it is then time to find ways to cope with the change, sometimes a small change and other times a drastic change.

Either way change is going to happen and will most likely affect the whole family…


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So, how do you cope with the diagnosis? First step is to implement practical changes, what needs to be done to keep everyone physically safe?

Then comes emotional well-being both for the one with diagnosis and carer and other family members.

This isn’t a quick process and not one I can talk about it one blog post unless you want to be reading for days.

For us it was a matter of ensuring we had the medical training to ensure our girl would be safe, monitoring was put in place for our seizure watch 24/7.

Then came learning how to cope with the emotional and mental ramifications of her diagnosis.

Every diagnosis takes a similar path, important steps that need to be put in place and dealing with the emotional distress that comes with it.

As overwhelming as it can feel, just take one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.

Give yourself the time and space you need, to start to adjust to this life altering change in your life and the life of your loved ones…

One thing that had a big impact on my journey into accepting my role as a higher needs mum, was to grieve…

I want you to know that it is okay to grieve what you have lost, yes you still have your loved one but it is still a loss…

I needed to grieve the life I thought she would have prior to her diagnosis and grieve the life I thought I would have…

This is an important and in my opinion mandatory part of your healing as you integrate this massive change into your story…

I invite you to read an article I wrote on grief….”Grief is a Vessel” 

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