Emotional Wellbeing – Is it important?

Emotional Wellbeing - Is it really all that important?

In one word I am going to answer that for you - ABSOLUTELY!

Let me tell you why…

Each of us has three parts to our overall wellbeing:

  1. Physical wellbeing
  2. Emotional wellbeing
  3. Spiritual wellbeing

Each part needs and deserves equal attention, physical wellbeing receives more attention as it is more socially acceptable, than emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

That doesn’t mean it is any more important or vital to your overall wellbeing…

In actual fact your emotional and spiritual wellbeing has an affect on your physical wellbeing.

Stress has become a leading cause of disease in the physical body, and your emotional wellbeing is a huge factor in managing your stress levels, and in turn the Dis-Ease you are experiencing.

Pain and dis-ease in your physical body always contains an emotional component…

Your physical body is very wise and can heal itself when given the right environment…

That right environment is one that is free from old, stored and unprocessed emotion.

If you can think about for a moment a time where you were experiencing chronic pain in your physical body…

What emotion do you remember experiencing?

For example: when my stress levels are at chronic levels, my body says enough, with severe migraines…

When I am dealing with the severe pain, I have emotions of annoyance and frustration…

Annoyed it is happening, as it is one thing that takes me down and stops me in my tracks…

Frustrated at the pain and that I am not able to take any medication without feeling nauseous.

The one thing that always reduces my physical pain, is when I use EFT Tapping to release the emotions…

As I clear the emotion, my body can then heal what is causing the physical pain.

Emotional wellbeing is an important part of both your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Let's talk about ways in which you can make your Emotional Wellbeing an important part of your life...

  1. LISTEN to your Feelings and ask these questions:
    * What are you trying to tell me?
    * Where is this feeling coming from?
    * What action should I take?
  2. FEEL your Feelings, just let them come and go without judgement or dissection
  3. RELEASE your Feelings, let go of the experience that is the cause of the feeling.

Emotional wellbeing is a practice and a devotion...

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The more you listen, feel and release your emotions, the less fear you are going to experience surrounding your emotional wellbeing.

Let’s be honest processing our emotions isn’t something we grew up, been encouraged and taught how to do.

So, it is a practice and a devotion.  You need to make a choice that this is something you want to prioritise in your life.

Will you prioritise your emotional wellbeing?

Comment below and affirm “I will prioritise my wellbeing”…

How you can work with me privately:

I offer 1-1 private Holistic Counselling that is provided online from the comfort of your home.  Giving you the space you need to uncover what is causing your emotional turmoil.

As a highly sensitive woman and/or empath it is important for you to feel supported and learn more and understand more about your unique gift.

I am passionate about supporting you to move through empathy burnout and thrive as the deeply empathic woman you are.

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