The Importance of your Energetic Wellbeing

Energetic wellbeing is an important part of your Spiritual wellbeing...

Your energy field is your connection between heaven and earth, it allows you to connect both with the spirit world and our earthly world.

With such a big and powerful job, looking after your energetic wellbeing is very important…

Your energy enters a room before you do, and as a highly sensitive person, I know you can relate to the importance and responsibility of your energy.

I had a healer tell me one time that my energy as an Empath is like the tentacles of an octopus, expansive and very far reaching.

So my energy field is entering rooms I am not even in and this is something I am extremely aware of, reminds me of my responsibility to take care of my energetic wellbeing.

I know the effect it has because I get told many times “when I am in your presence, I feel an immediate calm”….

Now that doesn’t happen by accident, it is because I prioritise my energetic wellbeing…

As a Counsellor & Energy Healer it is my responsibility to ensure my energetic field is in top notch for my clients…

Prior to each client session whether online or in-person, I cleanse my energy field, to ensure none of my inner stuff will affect my client.

Energetic Wellbeing

"Your Energy is Everything"

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you walked into a room and sensed an energy that didn’t feel good?

That is a prime example of someone’s energy that is affecting yours, and if we turn that around and ask the question…

“What if my energy is affecting someone else?”

Energy can be infectious, both in a positive and negative ways…

So you want to ask yourself “What affect do I want to have on those I interact with?”

I have already answered that question for myself and shared that with you above, now it is your turn…

“How do I want my energy to feel to those around me?”

Now that you are starting to get a glimpse of the power of your energy and the importance of your energetic wellbeing, let’s talk about how you can prioritise your energetic wellbeing.

How to prioritise your Energetic Wellbeing...

Energetic Wellbeing

Your energetic wellbeing requires three approaches:

  1. Energy Cleansing
  2. Energy Healing
  3. Energy Protection


Each is an important aspect of your energetic wellbeing, and also work in together with each other.

For example cleansing your energy but not healing energy blocks, will provide only a small improvement in your energetic wellbeing.

Healing your energy but not adopting a regular cleansing and protection routine, would see your energy continuing to be infected by those around you.

So as you can see all three are vital to the ongoing health of your energetic field.

Energetic Wellbeing venn diagram

1. Energy Cleansing

Each and every day you are going to experience and absorb energy from other people, environments and situations, especially as a highly sensitive person…

Your job is to adopt a daily energy cleansing routine, to ensure you are releasing any of the energy you have picked up throughout the day.

A great visual to understand what absorbing the energy of others and your environment looks like is…

Energy cleansing

As you can see in this image depicting a coal miner, you can see all the coal ash on her skin…

This is a example of what your energetic field can look like after just a day in the energy of others…

If you could think about for a moment, your partner coming home after working as a coal miner and this is what their skin looks like…

They decide they are too tired to have a shower and want to hop into bed just as they are…

You probably wouldn’t be so happy about it, right?  I know I wouldn’t be and would be telling the hubby, to get a shower before hopping into our bed.

So why should our energy field be any different?  It is just as important as our physical body and needs to be taken care of with the same amount of attention.

A simple energy cleansing routine...

Take a shower…

Yes.  I told you it was simple, just like you would take a shower for your physical body, you are going to use that same shower for your energetic body.

Look at that, no extra task or time, just an intention…

Your intention whilst in the shower is to cleanse all energy that is not yours, that you have picked up and absorbed throughout the day.

A great envisioning exercise is…

As you step under the water, envision it is like a platinum waterfall and as the water flows over your physical body…

All excess and old energy flows down off of you, down into the drain and down into Mother Earth for transmutation.

You may notice a tingling throughout your physical and energetic body, this is completely normal.

You are now cleansed in mind, body and spirit.

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2. Energy Healing

Energy healing is an important part of the longevity of your energetic wellbeing, as you will be carrying energy from past experiences and events that may be blocking your energetic field.

Energy blocks can feel very heavy, like you are carrying around a heavy load…

Ever felt like you are just tired and exhausted, a feeling that not even sleep will cure?

This is a neon sign alerting you to the fact that you are carrying around a heavy burden…

That heavy burden is energy and emotions from past events that have not yet been processed.  There are a number of reasons as to why that is, majority of the time it is due to not having the tools and safety to process, heal and release the experience.

Good news is, you don’t have to continue to carry around this heavy burden and to feel so tired, exhausted and lethargic.

You literally have a tool at your finger tips to help you in healing your energy.

EFT Tapping is a powerful self-applied energy healing modality to support you processing, healing and releasing old energy and emotions…

I invite you to download my free comprehensive guide to get started with EFT Tapping.

{Note: If you have experienced any traumatic events, I encourage you to work with me privately as it is important to process and heal these experiences in a safe place with an experienced practitioner}

EFT Tapping Free Download

3. Energy Protection

Energy protection like energy cleansing is an important part of your overall energetic wellbeing, it ensures all the work you are doing with your energy healing is protected.

It would be nice to say that you don’t have to protect yourself from the world around you, but unfortunately as highly sensitive people that just isn’t the case…

I protect my own energy all of the time and it isn’t just about protecting it from people or situations I know may contain triggers for me, I also do it before working with my clients…

The reason for that is…. I am a highly sensitive woman and empath, so I am prone to absorbing the energy and emotions of others…

As I am sure you can appreciate the work I do with my private clients can at times be very intense, so for both myself and for them it is important that I shield my energy.

This then allows my energy field to be clear to help me to guide and support them in the best way possible and also allowing me to be a channel for them.

A simple energy protection routine...

Surround yourself in a bubble of light energy…

Again a very simple and not time consuming exercise.

You will notice I am all about things being simple and time effective, I know how busy you are…

You are just going to envision that you are surrounded by a beautiful bubble of light…

The colour doesn’t matter so much, starting with white is absolutely fine and over time you may feel called to use different colours…

I invite you to download my free energy protection with colour document to help you understand the power of colour….


I invite you to download my free energy protection with colour document to help you understand the power of colour….

energy protection

Whilst taking care of your Energetic Wellbeing can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing, I hope these tips will help to lessen that feeling and empower you to have a daily routine of caring for your energy field.

If you have any questions about caring for your energetic wellbeing, pop them below and I will answer them for you

How you can work with me privately:

I offer 1-1 private Holistic Counselling that is provided online from the comfort of your home.  Giving you the space you need to uncover what is causing your emotional turmoil.

As a highly sensitive woman and/or empath it is important for you to feel supported and learn more and understand more about your unique gift.

I am passionate about supporting you to move through empathy burnout and thrive as the deeply empathic woman you are.

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