Ep 103 Energy Reading November 2021

November is going to bring you the gift of insight, insight into the circumstances that you are currently experiencing.  We are still in the energy of the New Moon in Scorpio and the energy is feeling quite heavy and dense and similar to the energy of the element of fire.  If you think about fire it has a mind of its own and burns in its own way, in its own pattern, it doesn’t necessarily care about your ideas of how things should be.

So your role within this energy is to be okay with looking at things in a different way, from a different perspective, the idea that you have whilst realistic and maybe practical may not bring you to the place you are wanting to move towards.

It is a great reminder of the higher perspective, whilst we are here on Earth we can see things from a small focus, through our physical lens.  Whilst your angels, guides and cosmic supporters have such a vast view of us, our life and our circumstances.  Wouldn’t it make sense to be open to that more vast perspective?

What if doing things in a different way, allows a smoother, easier path for you?


Energy Reading November 2021

Take a screen shot of our oracle card for this month from “The Secret Language of Light” by Denise Jarvie as a reminder turn turn inward and ask the question ‘what is the path of least resistance for me?’

I trust this guidance serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

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