Ep 104 Is Overwhelm a Choice?

A powerful question that I would like you to ponder and yes I know it is a hard hitting one that may bring up some emotion for you.  I know it did for me when I first pondered this question, overwhelm is a choice, what why would I choose to be overwhelmed?

And of course you are not choosing to be overwhelmed but you may be making choices that are causing your brain to experience overwhelm.  See the difference?

Overwhelm comes when you are relying on your personal power only, a good reminder that you are only human and only have so much capacity.  Now your angels and guides, they are infinite and can provide you with so much support, love and guidance.

I always say if we were supposed to do this all ourselves why did God give us a cosmic team, they are there to support you along your journey.  The trick is you have to remember to ask them for help.

There are also different types of overwhelm:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Spiritual

Physical overwhelm comes from doing too much actively and physically, not giving your physical body a chance to rest and recover

Mental overwhelm is your mind racing 24/7 and not giving it a chance to just stop and rest

Spiritual overwhelm is looking outside of yourself too much, not connecting to your guides and intuition.

So if overwhelm is a choice, how can you make a different choice?

First step is going to be to understand where in your life are you noticing overwhelm, this is the key to knowing where you can start to make changes.

Once you know what is causing overwhelm you can then look at what different choices you can make.

Boundaries will be a very big part of reducing your feelings of overwhelm, when you are doing too much, physically, mentally or spiritually is a sign that boundaries are essential.

Some examples for you:

Work: your boss is asking you to stay later than your scheduled finish time. First couple of times you are yes okay and then you start to feel exhausted and realise they are asking you more and more. A boundary is needed here to show respect to yourself and allow your boss to know what is acceptable.

Home: family members (kids or partner or both) are constantly wanting things from you and you start to realise that maybe there are things they are getting you to do that they could do for themselves, sound familiar? A boundary here is empowering them to do things for themselves.

I would love to hear about your experience with overwhelm, comment below. If you need help with boundaries comment below and I will help you.

Nicole Ivens - Holistic Counsellor

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