Ep 105 Energy Reading December 2021

December is bringing you the message of Purification!  It is a magical time to let go and release things that you are no longer aligned with, this action is also very supported by the energy that we are surrounded by at this time.

We have just come out of a powerful new moon that was also a full solar eclipse and this too supported the letting go of what you have out grown.

I love the timing of this energy and guidance as December can be a very overwhelming time, this gives you permission to stop and pause and purify what it is you truly want.

Stop and pause and decide for yourself what it is you want this time of year to represent for you.

There can be so many external pressures that can see you going down a path you don’t want to go down, or doing things you would prefer not to, even to see people you may not necessarily want to be around.

As a highly sensitive soul this can take a toll that is too expensive, that takes too much from you, that causes you too much grief.

You are been given a pass, a pass from the external pressures and being asked to turn inward and ask:

What is it that I want to experience during this period in my life?

Take a screen shot of our oracle card for this month from “Purification” by Alana Fairchild as a reminder to turn inward and ask the question ‘What is it that I want to experience during this period in my life?’

I trust this guidance serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

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