Ep 107 Collective Angel Guidance for January 2022

As I connected in with my guides to channel the guidance for this month, my guardian angel stepped forth and the energy I was feeling from her was personal responsibility.

The message I heard was ‘there is no one more important than you’.

I felt this was such a profound message for me and of course you, I know you are such a caring soul and your first thought is always of others.  I will even go as far to say your last thought at night and your first thought in the morning is of others.

In these challenging times right now both here in Australia and across the globe, you have to factor in.  Factor in to your thoughts, factor in to your actions and factor in to your care.

I pulled three cards from a new card deck I received, you can see them below.  The first one had such a confirming message:

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it” – Sydney J. Harris.

I hear this excuse a lot from my private clients and community – “I don’t have time”, whilst this is a legitimate reason it is not enough to betray yourself.


The cards are providing such strong guidance that the time is now to start to take care of yourself, and honestly through our challenging times right now, it is no longer a choice, it is paramount.

I want you to ask yourself the question:

“Why am I not taking care of myself?”

The way in which you treat yourself says a lot about how you feel about yourself.

Watch your behaviours and utilse the inner dialogue of:

“Am I honouring myself with this behaviour?”

This is a very powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to shift your behaviours to say”

“I am deserving of love and nurture”

I trust this guidance serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

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