Ep109 Collective Angel Guidance for February 2022

As I connected with my guides for this month’s guidance I really felt a message of:

"Go Back To Basics"

I know and you know the energy of this year has been deep and intense.  There is deep healing that is needed both individually and as a collective.

To do this healing on both a personal level and globally here on Earth, we need to go back to basics.  To pull back, release and let go of the things we really don’t need.

I love how nature teaches us that, when we are there, we are filled up, given exactly what we need without any burdensome extras.

If we think back to when the world stopped, nature flourished because it wasn’t being weighed down by all those things we didn’t need and mother nature certainly didn’t.

This month I feel we are being asked to strip back to the basics by letting go of the things we no longer need.

This comes in the form of both the physical (external) and the mental (internal).

In your life what do you think you could let go of both externally and internally?

Taking the time to take stock of your life can make a huge difference and make room for more of what fills you up and less of what pulls you down.

Take a screen shot of this month’s angel card as a reminder for you to retreat to nature and allow mother nature to guide you.

I trust this guidance serves you xx

Angel Blessings


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