Ep111 Collective Angel Guidance for March 2022

Signs and synchronicities

March is bringing you the message of signs and synchronicities.  I am being shown that whilst Earth School is feeling extremely hard and challenging right now, it doesn’t mean you are alone or have been deserted.

I know it can feel that way sometimes especially in extremely hard times.  When you feel alone and like no one has your back, this is the time to connect in even deeper to your angels and spirit guides.

As the card says below “positive forces are always at play in your life” and they are even when it doesn’t feel like it and in those times even more so.

You are being asked to stop, breathe and notice the signs and synchronicities. Do not dismiss them, no matter how miniscule they may seem.

I’ll give you an example, I was connecting with my guides and angels to gain deeper clarity around my soul gift/purpose and I was given the message ‘hold space’.

I know exactly what that means, something I do very easily and part of my work as a Counsellor.

The next day I was driving my daughter to school and on the radio they were putting out a call for counsellors in a flooded area called ‘Lismore’ and then an ad came on for camp counsellors.

As I am tuned in I heard that message and I knew it was my guides confirming I had received their message the day before clearly.  Another important thing is how you interpret the messages.

I could easily think oh I need to go to Lismore or I need to be a camp counsellor.  Tuning in to the message I knew that wasn’t what it was, it was a confirmation message.

So as you can see it was a pretty small sign but one I received because I was open and tuned in.  So don’t dismiss any signs you notice and logically wash them away.

Trust in the signs you are receiving and always ask to clarify the message if you are unsure.  Your relationship with your cosmic team, angels and spirit guides is like any other relationship, you need to have open communication and have an understanding with each other.

Provide them with signs and symbols that make sense to you, trust me they will be happy to communicate with you in a way that works for you.  Their job is to get the messages and guidance to you in the best way possible.D

signs and synchronicities

Take a screen shot of our oracle card for this month from “The Empath’s Empowerment Deck” by Judith Orloff as a reminder to watch for the signs and synchronicities, the universe is winking at you.

I trust this guidance serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

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