Ep113 Energy Reading for April 2022

I don’t know about you but the start of April has been a very potent energy.  I have personally felt very out of sorts, ungrounded and the dreams have been crazy.

The word that I am being given to describe the energy of April 2022 is ‘Upheaval’.

How does that word sit for you?

Is that describing your experience so far in April, I know it is describing my experience perfectly.  Not that I am surprised. 😉 

Now let’s see what card the angels are guiding me to in support of you this month.

Energy for April 2022

Interesting!  Compassion, what a beautiful supportive message for us in a time of upheaval.  As I look at the card, my eye is brought to the red fiery colour and I am been told this is the upheaval and then my focus is brought to the yellow flower of light and I am shown this is the compassion.

The angels are guiding that for this month self-compassion is going to be of the upmost importance.  In times where you are feeling out of sorts do your best to not make judgements on yourself.

Feel into that out of sorts feeling and allow it to just be, and ask what it needs.

The angels are also guiding to support you through this upheaval energy along side self-compassion, they are asking you to invoke the colour yellow.

You can do this in a few different ways:

  1. Surround yourself in a yellow/golden light
  2. Wear the colour yellow
  3. Buy yourself some beautiful yellow flowers

These ways are going to remind you to show yourself compassion instead of judgement.

Take a screen shot of our oracle card for the energy for April 2022 from “Universal Wisdom” by Toni Carmine Salerno as a reminder to show yourself compassion.

I trust this guidance serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

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