Essential Oils is something I have known about for quite some time but found myself fighting against them.  I think partially it was due to worrying about them affecting my daughter who has Epilepsy, as I had sold my previous business “Create a Candle” for that exact reason and secondly because it felt like everyone was doing it.

I can be a little stubborn like that not wanting to follow the crowd and just do my own thing.

As I started to suffer debilitating migraines I started to look for solutions and a friend of mine had been sharing both about her migraines but also essential oils that were supporting her.

So I thought to myself I think it is a worth a try, well do I wish I had not been quite so stubborn all those years.  Essential Oils have been so amazing in supporting my emotional, physical and spiritual health.

I now diffuse every day during my meditation and use roller bottles in morning, throughout the day as I need them and also at night time to help with my sleep.

To get started I found the best economic way was to create my own account as I then received 25% of RRP and purchased Emotional Wellness Starter pack which contained great range of oils to get me started.

I probably could have stuck with these oils alone as they were such a great range, but I need to warn you once you start it does become a little addictive. 

I have been slowly building up my collection of oils and absolutely loving it!

When you enrol you will receive a whole lot of information with your first order and of course I am here to support you as well.

Essential OilsHow Can I Get Started With Essential Oils?

There are 2 ways you can get started with essential oils you can either

A) Pay $35 to open your own account and then just customise your order with whatever oils you would like to purchase.


B) Start with a Kit (That’s what I did) and waive your $35 fee and get started that way!

To get started with Essential Oils Click Here and follow the instructions below.

– Click the drop down menu in the top right hand corner
– Click Join and Save
– Choose your country/language
– Click ‘Local’
– Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate (If you want to earn commission for referring friends, choose Wellness Advocate) There is NO obligation to order for either option and you can always change your mind and upgrade to an advocate down the track!)
– Enter personal information
– At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 9872815
– Then click VERIFY (it should then show you my name – Nicole Ivens)
– Set a password
– Click to next page
– Select Kit OR You can choose the (Enrolment/Welcome pack) first if you aren’t purchasing a kit. If you are enrolling without a kit you can then select the individual oils you would like to purchase.
– Click View Totals
– Enter your Credit Card details and process.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Soon you will be receiving your box of goodness so keep an eye out in your emails for your confirmation and delivery dates.

Please feel free to contact me HERE if you get stuck and I am more than happy to help you get started!

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