The Gift of Daily Habits

At this time of year our focus can be on the year ahead, achievements, goals and intentions.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is also important to pay attention to the present as that is what is going to bring you to your big goal or intention for the year ahead.

Your daily habits are what drives how you feel in your mind, through your body and energy field.

If your daily habits are not supportive, you may feel exhaustion, tiredness, listlessness in your body and overwhelm, anxiety and stress in your mind and a heaviness in your energy field.

If your daily habits are supportive, you may feel energized, uplifted, light in your body and inspired, motivated and driven in your mind and a lightness in your energy field.

So, if we look at those two examples, which one do you feel is going to bring you closer to your dreams, goals and intentions this year?

Supportive daily habits don’t only help you to feel better in mind, body and energy.  They help to build a different version of you, who by the way is needed to embody your elevated dreams, goals and intentions.

It sends a message to the universe that you mean business and you are willing to do the things you need to, to take aligned actions and shifts in behaviour.  On your way to becoming who you need to be, to embody this new vision for yourself and version of yourself.

Why are daily habits important?

Daily habits are essentially a form of self-love, of showing yourself the love and nurture that you to show to others.

It stops you from experiencing empathy burnout, because you are debriefing yourself in mind, body and energy.

It is giving yourself the time to honour YOU, in particular honouring your sensitive nervous system.

As someone that has a sensitive nervous system, it is essential that you do debrief and do the daily habits that allow you to release everything and everyone you have taken on in that day.

I want you to think about for a moment, a time where you know you were doing your daily habits and think about how you felt and what you experienced.

And now I want you to think for a moment, a time where you know you weren’t doing your daily habits and how that felt and what you experienced.

We all do it, there are times we are on fire with our daily habits and other times where life gets in the way and the daily habits go by the wayside.

How you can incorporate your daily habits even in the busiest of seasons

As I mentioned we all have times in our lives, seasons if you like, where our daily habits have gone by the wayside.  The question we need to ask and answer is:

How can I commit to my daily habits 80% of the time?

You may have heard of the term 80/20 in the health and wellness space, this is no different.  If you can commit to your daily habits 80% of the time, you will start to notice a massive shift in how you feel, act and experience the world within you and around you.

When things are going great, no real challenges or taxes on your time and energy, you can absolutely commit to your daily habits, I am sure. 

But what about the times when there are challenges you are experiencing and you feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions, how do you commit in those moments?

It is in those moments where you absolutely have to double down, I say this to my clients all the time, these are the moments where you absolutely need to continue your daily habits and even do more of them.

I am sure you are thinking but how can I do that, when in the past I haven’t been able to fit them in at all.  I will quote Dr Phil here to you “So how is that working out for you?”

The fact you are reading this article, I am going to gauge a guess and say not so great.

It comes back to the commitment to yourself and setting some boundaries to ensure you do not dishonour yourself.  Your daily habits need to become a non-negotiable, they happen no matter what is going on outside of you.

So, let’s set the scene to help you to understand how you can ensure your daily habits start to become your non-negotiable too.

You start your morning out with journaling before doing anything else, morning journaling is your daily habit.  This one morning for some reason your alarm doesn’t work and you are running all sorts of late.

The journaling goes out the window, you jump out of bed, getting dressed, grabbing something quick to eat and you are out the door.  Who has time to journal in those rushed moments anyway.

You hop in the car, driving to work, probably feeling a little annoyed at yourself and your energy is definitely ungrounded and a bit all over the place.  You say to yourself “I have been doing so well with my morning journaling and now look at me rushing out the door and no time to do it”.

You are now starting your day in a self-critical mode instead of self-honouring mode, I am sure I don’t need to tell you how the day is going to go if you keep heading down this mindset pathway.

What if there is something you can do to pull up this mindset wagon and make a shift even before you get to work?

So yes, you were not able to do your morning journaling due to time restraints but not all is lost.  Whilst you are driving to work you can ask Siri (safety first) to start recording a memo and you can do an audio journaling session instead.

By the time you arrive at work, you have released so much into your audio journal and in a much better more elevated mindset to start your day.

So yes, it didn’t work out like it usually does, but you can still stick to your commitment of your daily habits but just in a different way.

Think about now times in your life where you have stepped out of self-integrity with your daily habits and how you may have been able to still honour yourself albeit in a different way.

So now that we have talked about the why and the how, let’s talk about the what.

What daily habits should you incorporate?

Now obviously this is going to be different for everyone, as we all have different lifestyles, schedules, likes and dislikes.  These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Journaling – after the story I told you not surprising this is number 1 right?
  2. Meditation – just a short 5 minutes of deep conscious breathing can make a huge difference
  3. EFT Tapping – learning this amazing self-calming and healing tool is highly recommended
  4. Nature walk – spending some time in nature is very healing and relaxing for your nervous system
  5. Exercise – incorporating some form of movement in your day helps to ensure any stagnant energy can move through
  6. Drinking water – water is very cleansing and so important for your sensitive system, helps to clear out toxins and allow energy to move through freely
  7. Intuitive eating – eating foods that your body likes can help you to feel so much lighter and more vibrant.
  8. Energy cleansing – Golden shower routine, grounding energy (barefoot on the earth), aura spray and saging yourself and your space
  9. Energy protection – Asking each morning what colour should I surround myself in today, this allows your angelic team to guide you in the protection you need for the day ahead. You can envision a bubble of light surrounding you and/or wear that colour.


These are just a few suggestions that I use myself and teach to my private clients as I know they are very empowering daily habits that will absolutely make a difference in your day.

I invite you now to write out a commitment statement to yourself as follows:

On this day {insert today’s date} I choose to commit to myself, honouring myself through the following daily habits:

  1. Morning Journaling
  2. 5 minute meditation
  3. Drinking water


Right click on the image below to save it and use it as your template.

I would love to hear what daily habits you are going to commit to, share them below.

Nicole xx

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