What you can learn from the Unearthing of the Golden Buddha

What you can learn from the Unearthing of the Golden Buddha


“The Quality of your Life comes down to the Quality of your Foundation”

Many years ago in Thailand was a temple with a huge Golden Buddha. Word came to this village that an army was about to invade, so they covered the Golden Buddha with mud and concrete so it looked like a stone Buddha and the invading army would perceive no value in it.
Sure enough, the army rolled in and passed by the stone Buddha and had no reason to plunder it. For many years, the army occupied the village with this temple and Buddha. And there was a time where nobody remembered that the Buddha was golden.
And then one day, a young monk was meditating at the base of the Buddha, and a little piece of gold chipped off. The monk excitedly told the other monks and they started hammering at the statue and realized it was a Golden Buddha.
The metaphor is that each of us is golden by nature.

We are born knowing everything. But then we go to school and learn a certain way to live, and put a ‘casing of mud stone over the Buddha.’ And we start to believe we are the stone Buddha, not the golden one.

Then something comes along that cracks our casing and knocks off a piece of our armor and in that moment, we look inside and see the gold. At that moment, all we want to do the rest of our life is pick away the stone because the gold is so much more fun!”

Your life is a series of experiences that piles on top of each other, as each one layers up the foundation can either stay firm and solid or it can start to shake and wobble.

The more you add the bigger the chance that the foundation is going to start to crack and break away.  The more it breaks away the less it can handle.

You know how you can handle some really big things in your life and then small incidents seem to rock you to your core, this is your foundation cracking and rumbling.

Letting you know it can’t handle anymore, you need to take off some of the layers, put down the burden and release the weight from your foundation.  Your foundation has been building up year by year, layer upon layer.  Issue is with every layer containing small stress fractures, your foundation can become very unstable.

Going through each layer and gluing the cracks, putting it aside until you get to the foundation.  As you reveal your foundation you will see your pure unique essence, your light.  Your essence and your light that has been hidden under all these layers.

Similar to digging for gold and the Golden Buddha that was unearthed, it had been covered in clay/cement to stop it from being stolen.  It’s the same for you these layers have been protecting you, your essence and your light.

Like the Golden Buddha, a time came when it was safe to unearth the gold statue.  Now is the time to unearth/uncover you, allowing your true essence, your true light to shine.

The light that connects you to source, it was always there, you just didn’t know because it was buried so deep in a safe place until you were ready to be truly unearthed.

This brings me to ask the question “Are you ready to unearth the Golden Buddha within you?”

I know there is a beautiful golden light within you, just waiting to be unearthed, the layers to be cracked open to reveal your true essence.

All it needs is one little crack for the golden light to start to seep out, to show you, to fill you with hope and faith that you are so much more than you are giving yourself credit for.

If you are sick of feeling overwhelmed, sick of feeling exhausted, sick of feeling lost and confused then come and join us and know you are becoming a part of something that is going to really help you to move forward, to heal, to feel empowered and to feel nurtured.


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