Gratitude is the Key | Law of Attraction Training Series | Part 3

Law of Attraction - Step 3


You have decided what it is that you want and have been working hard to give attention to your desire, so where is it?  Why hasn’t it appeared in your life yet, I hear you say.

Step 3 is a very important step and one that is missed with a lot of Law of Attraction training, surely the fact that you have decided what you want and given it attention should mean the universe knows exactly what to deliver, right?

Well, yes and no.  The universe as I talked about in my previous blog “The Universe is a Mirror” reflects back to you what you are putting out as part of your vibration and giving your desire attention is a very big part of that, but not the whole story.

What do you think starts to happen once you have decided on what you want and are giving it attention?

Do you start to wonder how or where it is going to come from?  A very natural reaction with doubt starting to creep in and making you question whether it is really possible.

This is very normal and where step 3 comes in, its important to allow your desire to arrive in whatever way the universe is able to bring it to you.

If you get what you want but in a different way to what you expected, does that mean it isn’t good enough? 

Of course not, you will be excited to have just what you wanted, right?

To counteract doubts that start to creep in, you need to become a “proof seeker”, paying attention to where the Law of Attraction is working in your life and those around you.

Have you ever seen someone else get what you want or doing what you would love to do in life and your thoughts may have gone to the place of comparison?

The problem with comparison is it sends you down a spiral of being hard on yourself and having thoughts of lack and that works against you with the Law of Attraction.

If you think about how you feel (vibration) when you are feeling confident and trusting compared to when you are full of doubt (vibration), this gives you a good answer as to why you may not be receiving what you have been working on.

Instead its time to start using that as a launch pad, noticing the things that you want in others is your proof, your proof that it is possible for you too.

Grab yourself a journal and start to be a proof seeker in your life, writing down all the great things that are happening and having gratitude for how law of attraction is working in your life.


The more grateful you become the higher your vibration will be and the more great things that will appear in your life, remembering that the universe is a mirror, reflecting your vibration.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on the Law of Attraction and learned some great ways to start to get back in the drivers seat of your life.

I would love to hear your experience of this series, comment below.

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