A Guide to Personal Empowerment

One of my favourite things that I am very passionate about is empowering women to really believe in themselves and get back in the driver’s seat of their life.  The light I see in their eyes when this shift begins to happen is miraculous, they stand tall and have a beautiful confidence within them that then shines out to the world.

Personal empowerment is a very powerful skill to have in your arsenal, being able to empower yourself in each and every moment you are experiencing will make a significant change to your life.

What is Personal Empowerment?

Personal empowerment is looking at yourself and identifying your strengths and weaknesses and gaining an awareness of your uniqueness.  Basically it is understanding who you are, accepting who you are and having a belief in yourself.

"A self-empowered individual does not let go of the power of the expert of self"

On your path towards personal empowerment it is important to remember that no-one knows you or knows what you need more than you do.  Whether you are aware of it or not,  you are the expert on YOU!

Your Pocket Guide to Personal Empowerment


Becoming aware of your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to begin to really get to know who you are right now, not who you were as a child or even a younger adult, right now.  Make a list of your strengths and really start to become aware and acknowledge your greatness.


Starting to build a trusting relationship with yourself is important, to make choices and move forward in your life you need to operate from a state of trust.  Like I mentioned earlier you are the expert on you.  Make a list of all the times where you have done something and it worked out, this will help to build your trust.


What are your values?  Knowing what your values are and having the ability to stand by them can be extremely empowering, this also comes back to knowing who you are and having a belief in yourself.


Recognising what your skills are and how you can use them in your life to help both yourself and others will give you a sense of great confidence and in turn personal empowerment.


Setting realistic goals to help you to achieve what it is you want in your life, in itself can be very empowering.  Again, giving you a sense of confidence, responsibility and power over your life.

A lot of the time we go through life without direction and this can lead to losing confidence in yourself and feeling you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

You have everything you need within you to follow your path and fulfill your purpose here on Earth, taking the time to really tune in and becoming aware of who you are, will see you well on your way to Personal Empowerment.

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