A Guide to Living with Stress

Living with stress is normal...

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but one I stand by and know it will be a gift of sorts to you…

I have spent so much of my adult life in particular and even more so as a mum, trying to live stress free.

As that was the societal goal: “you should find ways to eradicate stress from your life”

It took a while but I eventually came to a place of acceptance, as a mum to a child with high needs, I experience stress.

A no-stress life was a pipe dream, an unrealistic expectation…

So how do you live with stress in your life, without allowing it to be detrimental to your health and inner peace?

It really comes down to having a plan in place and go to strategies, that you can use in the moment to reduce and cope with your feelings of stress, either big or small.

In times of high stress I have always found the following quote a great reminder of the control I have in each and every situation…

"Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose."

The situations that appear in our life are not always in our control, but how we react to it, now that is where our power lies. 

There are always going to be times in your life where everything goes belly up and your response to it is going to be the catalyst to what happens next.

I am sure you are seeing a pattern here:

Situation > Response > What Happens Next...

As you can see our response is the middle ground here, which is a very important place to be.

Living with stress whilst normal, dictates an importance on having strategies available to you, to support your response in each situation.

Living with stress

5 Strategies to Living with Stress:

  1. Calm Tone of Voice – This is imperative for how you speak to yourself during times of stress.  This will provide a calming response to your nervous system.
  2. Deep Breathing – Your breath is the biggest natural asset that you have, using it to calm your mind in times of stress, will allow you to think in a logical way. Use the box breathing method, breathe in for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and rest for count of 4.
  3. Smiling – Utilising another natural asset your smile, this will help to relax your muscles, notice more positive options and lower your blood pressure
  4. Stay in the present moment – Ground your energy through using this statement “right here and right now I am safe”.  Using this statement will bring you back into the present moment and help to allow your nervous system to feel safe.  I encourage you to combine this statement with placing your feet firmly on the ground and tapping the 8 tapping points.
  5. Gratitude Practice – Each day write down one thing you are grateful for, and put it in a box and then on days of stress, reading these entries will help to lower your cortisol levels (stress hormone).
Living with stress

Using these simple strategies in your daily life, will help you in living with stress, helping you to self-regulate, and live with stress in a way that doesn’t affect your health or inner peace.

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