Healing Your Pain

Healing Your Pain

Life is a series of experiences, some good, some not so good.  With each experience there is a lesson that we are here to learn, lesson or not the pain that comes along with it can be hard to deal with.  In each moment you get to choose what you are going to do with that pain, you can either choose to hold on to it or you can use it as a launching pad ~ to move you forward ~ healing your pain.

Experience after Experience, layer of pain after layer of pain, you start to feel weighed down,  you start to feel lost and confused and probably don’t even know why.

It is similar to when you are watching TV and the connection isn’t working well, so you start to get static and unable to see the full picture ~ so what is happening here?

“You have lost the connection, just as layers of pain within you have caused you to lose the connection to YOU.”

healing your pain through connection

You are wondering around in a fog, probably unable to think clearly or make decisions in your life.  And it’s no wonder, who could with a faulty connection, connection to your true self, your inner self and your higher self.  They are all YOU and they are all ready and willing to assist you, once you connect back in.

Connecting back in means saying NO to the outside world, to all those tasks that you have taken on, feeling like that will help you to find your way.  Others will know better than me……I bet that thought has crossed your mind more than once.

Guess what……….no one and I mean no one knows you better than YOU, no other person here on Earth can give you what you are looking for.  That sense of connection, understanding and acceptance can only come from one place.  Yep you guessed it, YOU.

I hear you yelling, how do I do that?

Don’t worry I have your back, you know that person that is at the bottom of the pile, yep she is going to cut the line and come to the front, yes there will be some looks and maybe comments like “Hey what do you think you are doing?”.

Your response will be “Oh me, I’m putting myself first”  they may not like it at first, but as you start to value YOU, so will they.

Let’s talk about what that looks like, how do you put yourself first?  I want you to think about something that you would love to be able to do for yourself, but never have because you have allowed others needs to come first.  It can be something small like “I would love to sit and drink my coffee, instead of chugging it down as I’m running out the door”.

This is where we start, we start with just a small action that is going to show both yourself and others around you, that you matter and you value yourself and your time.

Each week, I want you to add another act that is just for you and before you know it, you will be treating yourself with the kindness that you have showed everyone else for so long.

You know the magic of this act of kindness, others will start to treat you with the same kindness, you have 1. shown them for so long and 2. you are now showing yourself.

Healing your pain

What I have learned in my own healing journey is your subconscious mind (the part of your brain that is like a super computer and stores each and every moment of your life) will only bring experiences forward that need healing when you are ready.

The great way to show you are ready, is by showing yourself love and kindness.  This alerts your subconscious mind that you are ready and willing to spend the time on healing your pain and bit by bit it will bring forward parts of you that need healing.

As you start to heal these parts of you, they then become your POWER, your Launching Pad to move forward and no longer allow your pain to dictate your life.

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