How to Cleanse your Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a great tool to support you in connecting with your angels and guides.  As I shared in my previous article “how to connect with your oracle cards” they are a companion on your spiritual journey.

As they are your companion they also need support from you too and in this article I am going to share with you some ways in which you can do just that.

Just like your energy field needs cleansing so does the energy field of your oracle cards.

How to cleanse your oracle cards

The cleansing of your oracle cards energy field is very similar to the cleansing of your own energy field, it can be done with both intention and energy cleansing products.

Oracle Card Cleansing Ritual:

  1. Open your oracle card box and hold the deck in your hands.
  2. Knock on front, back and sides of the cards to release any old energy
  3. Spread the oracle cards out and place your hands over your cards with the intention to cleanse any old energy.
  4. Using white sage, palo santo or aura spray
  5. Cleanse each card whilst continuing to hold the intention of cleansing each card of old energy
  6. Finish the ritual by thanking the oracle cards for their guidance and support


The reason I am recommending that you cleanse your cards is you want them to always be a clear channel for your guidance.  Without cleansing of your oracle cards they will accumulate energy over time and this can then affect the accuracy of your readings and guidance.

It is highly recommended that you do the cleansing ritual each time before you work with your oracle cards.

I trust this article has served you in working with your oracle cards in a more intentional way.
Your guide: Nicole Ivens

Nicole Ivens is a Professional Counsellor, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher.

Nicole is a Highly Sensitive Soul, Empath, and quietly spoken Introvert (INFJ).

Nicole is passionate about providing a safe space for her clients to embark on their healing journey.

She is well known for empowering her clients to take up space and know it is their time to thrive.

Her motto is:

“To Heal is to Empower and To Empower is to Heal”

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Your guide: Nicole Ivens

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