How To Connect With Your Inner Self

We all wear masks to show the outer world who we are...

There is only one person who knows the true you, and that is your inner self…

The mask wearing for the outer world can disconnect you from your inner self, and you forget who she is…

It is time to re-establish a connection with her…

Connection is the energy between two people, how you connect with another person has a lot to do with the energy between you. 

When your energy levels are different, the connection can be more difficult… 

You know the saying “I felt like I have known them my whole life”, this comes from both people being on the same energy wave length, and you feel an immediate connection.

Now that you are aware of what a connection is…

How can you apply that to understanding, and aligning to your inner self?

Inner self

A connection been the energy between two people, well in this case it is a connection between the self you are aware of and your inner self. 

You know that small quiet inner voice you hear, and probably ignore most of the time, that is your inner self guiding you.

Starting to improve your connection with your inner self, is going to help you to live your life as your true authentic self.

Instead of living from external expectations and how you think you should live your life.

From the time as a small child you have been instructed on what to do, how to do it and when to do it, so it is no wonder your connection has waned.

Aren't you tired of living a life, that is more for other people?

Doing things to please others, only to be left feeling depleted instead of energised.

Remembering, when you say yes to others you are in fact saying no to yourself…

However, operating in connection with your inner self, will see you doing things in such a way, that serves both you and others…

In today’s world of social media it can be hard to shut out all the external noise, and connect back in with your inner self. 

Falling into the comparison trap is very common, and I for one have been very guilty of comparing myself to others.

So how do you shut out all this noise, and connect in with your inner self?

Let’s look at a few ways…

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3 Ways To Connect With Your Inner Self:


Is a wonderful way to shut out the external noise and come back to your center, the place where your inner self resides.

Think about it as a time of reconnecting and spending time with a good friend, that is what your inner self is, she has your best interest at heart always.

To get started with meditation, I recommend using the app “insight timer“, it has both a timer with beautiful music, as well as guided meditations.

I recommend starting with just 5 minutes and build it up over time to 20 minutes a day.


Is a great way to hear your inner self, that quiet voice, without any external noise or influence.

Just allowing her to communicate with you, providing an open space where her voice is heard, listened to and trusted. 

Let the words flow onto the page and see what comes…

I shared in an article “5 ways to let go of emotional pain” steps to journaling if you haven’t done it before. 

This is something I recommend to all of my clients, journal therapy is a very effective self-healing tool.


Deep breathing is such a quick, easy and effective way to connect in with your inner self. 

Breathing calms both feelings in your body and thoughts in your mind, giving your inner self a pathway to communicate with you.


Utilising the breath work method of 4:6

  • Sit on floor or on a chair
  • Set a timer for 3 minutes
  • Close your eyes
  • Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds
  • Breath out through your nose for 6 seconds


Breathwork through your nose allows for even airflow, if this is something you struggle with, you can breath in and out through your mouth instead.

Using the above strategies on a regular basis is going to see you feeling calmer, more relaxed and less likely to take on other peoples opinions or judgements as your own.

Clearing out your mind and relaxing your body will allow you to build a connection and trust your inner self.

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I am passionate about supporting you to move through empathy burnout and thrive as the deeply empathic woman you are.

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