How to Connect with your Oracle Cards

Did you know your oracle cards have an energy?

A question I get asked regularly is “how do I use my oracle cards?” What I always say is, “first you need to learn how to connect with your oracle cards”.

The fact that you are reading this article tells me that you have an interest in oracle cards and have probably already purchased a deck or considering buying a deck.

To connect with your oracle cards it is important to understand they are more than just cards, they have an energy and as such you need to build a relationship with them.

Before I take you through a ritual to connect your energy to the energy of your oracle cards, lets talk about what building a relationship with oracle cards looks like.

Like any relationship whether with other souls here on the Earthly plane or your angels and spirit guides, a relationship requires good communication, respect and trust.

Your oracle cards are also a channel of guidance for you from your angels and spirit guides and as they support you, they also require support from you.

To be a conduit for you, they need to have a clear path and just like you their energy can become blocked and stagnant too.  They need regular cleansing – article on how to cleanse your oracle cards is coming soon.

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Oracle Card Connection Ritual

Hold your oracle deck in your hands, close your eyes and say:

  • “In this moment I ask your permission to connect my energy with yours”
  • “I ask you to be a channel of guidance, helping me to connect with my angels and guides”
  • “I ask you to show me the card that contains the message for me easily”
  • Thank you for your support and guidance


In the video below I take you through this beautiful and powerful ritual:

I trust this guidance has helped you in connecting to your angels and spirit guides through your oracle cards.

I have more articles coming to support you in working with your oracle cards and strengthening your intuition.

If you are feeling ready to go deeper with your intuition, I invite you to take a look at my “Mastering Your Intuition” online course.

I teach you how to connect to your inner senses and take you through exercises and meditations to master your intuition.

Your guide: Nicole Ivens

Nicole Ivens is an Intuitive Counsellor, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher.

Nicole is a Highly Sensitive Soul, Empath, and quietly spoken Introvert (INFJ).

Nicole is passionate about providing a safe space for her clients to embark on their healing journey.

She is well known for empowering her clients to take up space and know it is their time to thrive.

Her motto is:

“To Heal is to Empower and To Empower is to Heal”

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Your guide: Nicole Ivens

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