How to find balance

How to Find Balance that Includes You Too

I received guidance this week in meditation that followed on from the guidance we received for ‘Mystical Monday’ and that was how you can find balance that doesn’t mean you are left out.

As such a caring soul there have been many times where you have put yourself last and it is time for you to be a priority within your schedule.

In this article I am going to share with you 3 ways to bring more balance into your life that actually include you.

3 Ways To have balance and Include Yourself

  1. You cannot be everything to everyone
  2. Call in support
  3. Be flexible

Do you feel like a pretzel sometimes, bending yourself in all different ways to adjust to the needs and schedules of others?

I get it, I have done that too.  But it isn’t sustainable, something has to give (not you).  No matter how much you want to continue to be everything to everyone, you don’t have that much earthly energy (no one does).

It is an important time for you to acknowledge, understand and accept that you are an earthly being with limited resources and they need to be used for yourself as well.

It is not only okay but absolutely paramount that you call in support, let’s look at an example:

A loved one needs to go to the doctor and the only appointment available is on at the same time as a self-care activity for you, say a yoga class or your meditation.  In the past you would of just cancelled your activity to take your loved one to the doctor, I am right aren’t I?

This time you are going to call in supports, for me that would be asking my husband to take my daughter Gabby to the doctor.  This gives me the space I need to still do my self-care activity and also practice allowing and showing the universe that I am open to receiving.

Balance also requires you to be flexible at times, the best analogy I like to use with my private clients is ‘be a tree’.  A tree has a very solid base, deeply rooted and connected to the earth, yet her branches and leaves move with the wind.  You need to be a tree!

Looking back at the previous example, if calling in supports just isn’t possible for you then flexibility will be needed and in the past I am sure you would of just cancelled your self-care activity, as you were not a priority in your life, yes?

We are going to consider a different way, say it is a yoga class.  Is there a later or earlier class?  Is there an on-demand class you could do from home?  

For a meditation, you could do a walking meditation on your way to the doctor or listen to some music in the waiting room (we all know how long that can take) and do some breath work.

There are always ways to honor yourself and include your needs within your schedule and flexibility allows you to keep that balance within your life for the most part.

I trust this article has been helpful and serves your highest good.

xx Nicole

Nicole Ivens is a Registered Professional Holistic Counsellor, Angel Intuitive, Law of Attraction Trainer, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner & Special Needs Mum to her daughters, one who is neurodiverse and one who suffered a critical medical event.

Nicole is very passionate about supporting special needs mums and carers, it is her soul purpose to provide a safe haven to nurture, support and uplift her beautiful clients in their role of a lifetime.

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