How to Start Your Day

The Power of Morning Rituals

The first 20 minutes of your day are the most potent and have the biggest effect on what you experience in the hours ahead of you.

This gives you an amazing opportunity to hop in the drivers seat and decide how it is you would like your day to be.

Morning rituals are a wonderful way to get you started on setting up your morning in the best way possible to support you towards feeling and experiencing what it is you want for your day.

I just want you to think about when you wake up in the morning, do you really think about it that much or are you just on auto pilot.

Just waking up getting done what you need to get done and getting out of the house.  Or have you been able to be more mindful and really starting to notice how your morning can affect the rest of your day.

I have really noticed in my own life when I set up my morning in a certain way, it can really make a difference in my day but that can go in either direction.

If you have the habit when first waking up in the morning of grabbing your phone, ipad or laptop and whether that is going through emails or going straight on social media, you are deciding in that moment how you are going to set up your day.

When you start the day in that way sometimes it can have a really negative effect on you, because you are starting out your day externally, really looking at what is happening in the world outside of you.

This is all before your feet have even touched the ground, before you have even had a chance to connect with the energy of mother earth.  Instead of spending that sacred time turning inside, seeing what is going on for you.

To help you start to get into the habit of starting to implement a morning ritual, to set your day up in a good way and reduce the effect the external world may be having on you, I am going to share with you some different morning rituals.

Morning Rituals Morning RitualsMorning Rituals Morning Rituals

Each morning ritual is very powerful on its own, so don’t worry you don’t need to do all of them.  I would urge you to give each of them a try and really feel into which one is feeling the most supportive for you.

Personally I use all of them at different times, intuitively feeling into which one I need, depending on what is going on for me at the time.  I would also recommend you start to take note of how your day starts to flow by starting your day in these ways, instead of focusing on the external world first.

What you may start to notice is that things flow a little easier because the universe is always responding to us, so if you can imagine for a moment the vibration you are emitting when you are in a hurried state, a stressed state or an anxious state.

This is what the universe is reflecting back to you, so for example, if you are feeling hurried then the universe will provide more things to make you feel hurried.

Whereas if you are able to start your day in a more calm, relaxed, aligned state then the universe has no choice but to still respond to you, reflect back to you what it is you are emitting, so you will experience more things that allow you to feel more calm, relaxed and aligned.

I know it is not easy to always find the time in the morning, but I can guarantee you, if like me you were jumping on social media, that will save you tons of time.  I was amazed at how much more time I had in the morning for my morning rituals.  Of course I am only human so I fall back sometimes into that old habit, but it quickly reminds me when I am noticing a negative shift in my mood and as such my day.

Give these morning rituals a go, reminding yourself that you are worth it and social media and emails will wait, they will still be there waiting for you once you are ready to face the external world.

I would love to hear how these feel for you, comment below and let me know and share any rituals that you find are helpful.

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