How to Support your Sensitive Child

Updated 11th May 2023

Looking at this image can you pick or feel the energy of the child that is more sensitive than the others?

How to help your sensitive child

Let’s break it down:

The older child on the left is exuding confidence, and the youngest feels like she has a real mischievous spirit, and the middle child she is the beautiful sensitive soul, not really sure what she is feeling, or why this is uncomfortable for her.

As a sensitive soul yourself, it is very likely that one or more of your children, are highly sensitive or even an empath.

For me I have two girls, one is a highly sensitive soul and the other one is an empath, no surprises there. 

So it has been challenging to raise them in such a way, that their sensitivity isn’t something that they feel is wrong with them, but instead a powerful part of their spirit.

So I felt guided to share with you some ways how you can help your sensitive child:

  • Understanding

Starting to understand your child is the first step, becoming an observer of how they react, and behave in different social settings and environments. 

How do they cope at parties?  What happens for them in large gatherings, such as shopping centres? 

Take note of their energy levels, their mood swings and behaviour that is unacceptable and with no real cause.

This is going to help you to determine, where it is that they need extra support and guidance.

They are not going to understand, why they feel the way they do, and this is where you can offer so much support and guidance to them.

I am sure you know for yourself growing up as a sensitive soul, it was not easy and if you had support and guidance, it would of made your childhood a whole lot easier and fruitful.

  • Explaining

Now that you have a deeper understanding of your child, and how their sensitivity is affecting them and expressing itself in their life, you can explain it to your child, to help them to understand why they feel the way they do.

It is important when explaining it to them, that you never preface sensitivity with “it’s just because you are sensitive”, that can be construed as something bad, that there is something wrong with them. 

We want to make sure that all sensitive beings, kids or adults understand that their sensitivity is their gift, not a curse.

You can start out by asking them questions, depending on their age of course:

  1. When you go to a party with your friends, how do you feel afterwards?  Do you notice you feel tired? 
  2. When we go to the shops, how do you feel when we are there?  Does your tummy start to hurt, do you start to feel tired?


These are all great questions, to help them to start to get to know themselves better, and what a powerful gift you are giving your child.

You can then start to explain to them why it is they feel this way. 

Check out this article “The Traits of an Empath” which will also help you to determine their levels of sensitivity, and what areas of their life are affecting them negatively. 

 I also talked about this topic on “The Thrive with Nicole” Podcast.

  • Shielding

Now you have a deeper understanding, of how your child’s sensitivity is affecting them, you can now help them to cope in those situations and environments. 

Shielding is one of those ways, it is a great way for your child to feel protected from the energy of other people, that has been affecting them probably throughout their whole life.

When my girls where younger we used to play this fun game on the way to school, and we called it “Shields Up”, they were both into sci-fi shows so this was an easy sell. 

I taught them to envision a big bubble surrounding them, from the top of their head all the way down and under their feet. 

Whilst they were inside this bubble, none of the energy that made them feel sad, angry, anxious or tired, could get to them, it would just bounce straight back off.

To invoke the energetic shield of protection, we would just say “Shields Up” and they would put their hands up on either side of their head.

Add a powerful mantra…

"There is no energy more powerful than me"

How to help your sensitive child
My youngest daughter Grace is showing it in action.  This is enough for their energy shield to be protected, and reducing the amount of energy they are absorbing from other people around them.
  • Body Scan

This is a very powerful exercise to put your child back in charge, allow him/her to know their body, and their energetic system so well, that when any other energy comes close they will be aware of it. (You can do this for yourself too)

It is a very simple yet powerful and effective technique. 

It is an envisioning exercise, just like an x-ray machine, you are going to get them to scan their body from head to toe, and noticing any areas of tension, tightness or pain.

What this does is allows your child, to then know what is theirs and what is not.

So for example, if they are feeling completely fine at home, and then leave the house to go to school, and start to feel pain or tension anywhere in their body, they will know it doesn’t belong to them.

how to help your sensitive child

The action then becomes: "This isn't mine, I let it go"

Arming your child with this simple yet powerful technique, is going to help them so much in embracing their sensitivity, and will see them through not only their childhood years, but through adulthood as well.

Are you feeling more prepared now in how to help your sensitive child?  I would love to hear your experiences in raising a sensitive child, comment below and let me know.  

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