How to Tap out of Anxiety

Everything is energy!  Anxiety is no different when we look at it from that perspective.

Ask yourself the question:

“If my anxiety was an energy, what would it look and feel like?”

This starts to bring you into a different perspective from I’m an anxious person to I am tapping into the frequency of anxiety for one reason or another.

The good news about that is you can shift out of that frequency, you tapped into it, so you can tap out of it.

Why would you ever tap into the Frequency of Anxiety?

Logically you can surmise that you would never make the conscious choice to tap into and exist in the frequency of anxiety.  You would say to yourself “I would never choose this” and “I am not choosing this, it is just something that is happening to me”.

Absolutely it is not something you would choose consciously, but on a subconscious level a pattern has occurred due to an experience or event you have endured.

So looking at your anxiety on the surface level and having a belief that “I am an anxious person” is keeping you from delving into the deeper levels where these patterns reside.

There are plenty of aids and treatments for anxiety, just look on social media for a few minutes and I can promise you will see a post or ad for anxiety.

Majority of these aids and “treatments” are for the symptoms caused by anxiety, but not getting to the root cause of your unique ‘why’.

There is a reason as to why you have and do experience anxiety in your life.  Side note: not all anxiety is bad, there are times it helps to keep us safe and out of potential danger.

But that isn’t a place you want to be residing all of the time, being on the look out for potential danger is exhausting.

How can you tap out of the Frequency of Anxiety

First step is an acceptance and awareness of this frequency, the frequency of anxiety is different for each person.  So let’s go through some different ways for you to determine if you are in the frequency of anxiety:

Get out your journal!

  • Ask yourself “how do I know I am feeling anxious?”  This is a unique question and experience to you
  • Rate how strong the frequency is for you – on a scale of 0-10 how strong is it?
  • Where is my connection to this frequency located in my body?

These questions are going to help you to zone in on your unique connection to the frequency of anxiety, where it is, how strong it is and what it feels like.

  • What is holding me in this frequency?

This will be a very insightful question for you to start to uncover what is keeping you there.

Now that you have spent some time understanding your unique connection to the frequency of anxiety, you may have even received some insight into where and when you first tapped into the frequency.  I have an exercise for you to use in tapping out of your frequency of anxiety.

Before we start, I have a question for you:

Instead of feeling anxious, “how would you like to feel?”

This is the frequency that you want to tap into instead of the anxiety frequency.

Some examples:

  • Relaxed
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Peaceful
  • Flowy
  • Ease

Remember your new frequency as I take you through this powerful and effective technique:

Tap Out of the Frequency of Anxiety

Follow along with me as I demonstrate the technique in the video below.

This is a technique I highly recommend you put into your wellbeing toolbox, something to return to each time you notice you are tapped into a frequency you do not like and doesn’t feel good and empowering.

How you can work with me privately:

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As a highly sensitive soul you spend so much time caring for others and that leads to not much time for you, doesn’t it?

This can lead to what I have coined ‘Empathy Burnout’, you are at your maxiumum capacity to cope with life and all it throws at you.

As we work together I will support you to start to release and heal what is no longer serving you and opening up more capacity to allow you to continue to be the beautiful caring soul that you are.

If this resonates with you and you are feeling ready, click link below to get started.

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