How your guides can help you with your Grief

How Your Guides Can Help You With Your Grief

The loss of a loved one is such a deep and painful thing to go through and is unfortunately the cost of love.  We all experience it at some time throughout our earthly journey, some more than others.

Death of a loved one can absolutely feel like the end, like your connection and relationship is over and you can never have that love again.  Whilst that is true in our physical world, it is far from the truth in the spirit world.

Your loved ones that have passed are still right there by your side, you just can’t see them.  Part of your healing is letting go of their physical being and moving into a connection with their spiritual being.

The deep connections we make with our loved ones is with their spiritual being, their soul and that never ends.  It reminds me of our relationships here on earth with different people, the connections change over time and we adjust with the transitions.


The loss of a loved one is a similar transition, it is transitioning to having a different connection and communicating with them in a different way.  Sometimes depending on the relationship you had with their physical presence, the relationship with them in spirit can be even better.

I know for me when my Aunty was here on Earth we didn’t really talk all that much or have a close connection but since she passed, I now feel so close to her and she supports me all the time.

I also have a baby in spirit that wasn’t able to come to Earth and he also communicates with me all the time, our gorgeous boy Michael is a little cheeky and I know is always watching over and sometimes annoying his sisters here on Earth.

Your spirit guides (your passed loved ones can become part of your cosmic team too) can help you to connect with your loved ones, all you need to do is ask.  Sitting quietly and just ask the question, can you please help me to connect with ……..?  A great way also is to ask for a sign and be specific in what it is you would like it to be, from a particular loved one that has passed.  For example, feather, butterfly, dragonfly, numbers or something that you connect with your passed loved one.

The biggest message your loved one wants to bring through to you is:

“I am OKAY, please don’t be sad, I love you and just want you to be happy.”

For us grief can feel like it goes on forever, and it is something that we don’t necessarily get over but learn to integrate our grief into our experience.  For our loved ones as they have no time over there, it is like a blink of an eye before they see us again.

Finding your new way to communicate with your loved one is going to help you in healing and integrating this painful experience for you, a few ideas for you:

  • A journal designated for your communication with them
  • Use your audio recording app on your phone, just like you are calling them
  • Sit in nature and just have a conversation with them
  • Do a scrapbook of all your favourite experiences together, like they are right next to you, because they are.

Remember they are always with you, they feel close to you, so now it is your turn to start to feel them close to you too.

If you would like support in coping with your grief, I can help you!

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