Is Fear Driving Your Life?


False Evidence Appearing Real

Is that what you want leading your life?

As you go through life and have negative experiences fear can become a very big part of your life and at times, taking its place in the driver’s seat of your life.

Driving your actions and decisions and limiting the things you are able to achieve and the results that appear in your life.

Fear can be very debilitating and consume your thoughts in different areas of your life depending on your experiences.

At times the fear you experience can actually feel very real and it can be hard to differentiate between what is fear and anxiety and what is real and true.

Fear does play an important part in our life, keeping us safe in dangerous situations.


But how do you tell the difference between what fear is helpful and what is harmful?

Learning to trust in yourself and your inner voice – intuition, will help you to start to differentiate between the voice of ego and the voice of your intuition.

  • Your inner voice is always a very quiet and positive voice, guiding you for your best interest.
  • The voice of unhelpful ego is always a loud voice and uses negative words and messaging.

Implementing this one action into your daily life will allow you to heal the most important relationship, the relationship with your higher self.

This will help you to begin to heal your connection to a very important source of guidance and information for your journey here on earth.


Your past experiences can dictate how you respond or react to similar situations in the present time.  Essentially having fear in the driver’s seat of your life.

Healing these past experiences can help to change the way you respond to current and new experiences.  Essentially kicking fear to the kerb and putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a wonderful easy and effective modality to help you to heal these past experiences that are affecting your current life.

In our upcoming signature online program – Freedom From Fear commencing in February 2018.

An opportunity to start to explore how your past experiences are affecting your life and start to heal and kick fear to the kerb once and for all.


Written By Nicole Ivens

Nicole Ivens is an experienced Professional Counsellor, Wellness Coach and EFT Practitioner.

Nicole helps women to reduce fear and anxiety and take back control of their life by kicking fear to the kerb and getting back in the driver’s seat of their life.

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