March to the Beat of your own Drum

“March to the beat of your own Drum” – Nicole Ivens

So what does that even mean, march to the beat of your own drum. In this episode I talk to you about your rhythm, the rhythm we were all given by the divine, as unique beings each one of us beat differently.

Your job is to get to know your beat, what is its tempo? What does it feel like? What does it look like?

As you go about your day notice the inhale and the exhale of your breath in your body, notice how it happens automatically to your own rhythm.  No two beings breath rhythm is the same, some breathe deeper, some more shallow.

As you start to notice your breath rhythm, really get to know it, what does it feel like on the in breath? What does it feel like on the out breath?

Noticing your whole body’s response, as you do this you will then know at times where you are out of rhythm.  As you are out of rhythm, it is a sign you are out of alignment with the universe.

Come back to your breath, always come back to your breath, it is your connection to you, connection to your light, connection to the universe and connection to source.

It sounds so simple but the first thing we do as we enter our earthly vessel is take a breath and the last thing we do before we leave our earthly vessel is breathe.

The flow of life is as simple as the in and out breath, as long as you go with the flow, stay in the flow, life will seem easier.  Simple, Flowing and Rhythmic.

“Life will seem easier.  Simple, Flowing and Rhythmic”

Notice a wave at the beach, you don’t see it holding back what is natural to it.  It ebbs and flows – in and out – back and forth.

The same for you, why step out of your rhythm with life.  Breathing in and out with life, no holding back what is natural and what is divinely yours.

It is only when you step out of this rhythm that life becomes hard, like pushing a rock up a hill.  When you rely on only your earthly vessel’s power you are limiting your potential.

Within the rhythm of life you are connected to source and source is infinite, making you infinite, your possibilities are infinite.

“As you flow with life, life flows with you”

Like a river flowing downstream, you flow downstream, as it turns you turn, as it stops you stop, always knowing it will flow again.  Just like you know the sun will rise again, so will you.

The flow is inside of you, this beautiful current flowing, ebbing and flowing, in and out.  Dance with life and life will dance with you.

Like a big oak tree sways in the wind but always stays grounded, connected to Mother Earth.

Flexibility is a big part of alignment – the ability to move and shift, whilst staying connected.  Connected to source and grounded to Mother Earth.

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